06 December 2015

How I Blog on a Budget!

I am by no means a girl who buys herself amazing high end beauty and lifestyle items for my daily life, although i spend an awful lot of time drooling over other posts of people who do buy MAC lipsticks and the entirety of Cath Kidston on the regular, i just can't afford it. Me and Owain share half the bills for the flat but living in a City Centre can be pretty expensive. Once the bills are paid, i have my own outgoings and i often spend all my money on coffee at Starbucks and hair dyes because lets face it - my hair will never just be the same colour for an extended period of time.  I have been blogging for over a year now (I recently changed from Wordpress to Blogger so had to start again!) but thinking about it, i haven't really spent an obscene amount like i thought i would.

I might not be a blogging guru by a long stretch but here is how i have managed to blog without spending loads of dosh;-

Take Inspiration From Everyday Life
Do you have a hobby that you love? Then write about it, tell others about it. Show people why you love it and what it consists of. I myself have done a post about why i love Formula 1. It's not everybody's cup of tea, but i love it and wanted to share it with the world - and it didn't cost me a penny to do so.

Do you have days where you just relax? If so, write a post on what you do to relax and why. Blog posts don't always need to be about expensive products or expensive days out.

Use Tools You Already Have
I cannot afford to buy myself a decent camera for blog photo taking, as i'm saving for a holiday to Rome in March for Owains birthday and our rent is extortionate as we live in a city centre so i take my photos using my iPhone 5C. I have one of those sliding keyboard tables which you get on computer desks and i use that for a white background. To edit my photos, i use a free photo editor for Macbook.  They're not the best ever quality of photos, but it does for me and it's free if you have the tools.

If you don't, you can easily pick up wallpaper samples from the high street with lovely marbles backgrounds or even just a white background. I've also seen those who use laminate flooring for their backgrounds or just a rug. Again, using something they already have.

Review Beauty Items You Already Use
You don't always have to rush out to buy the latest in MAC or Charlotte Tilbury beauty products so you can write about them. What about that amazing lipstick you swear by that you always repurchase? It might not be a high end brand or it might only be something you treat yourself to once in a while but if you already have it - it won't cost you anything to write about it and maybe you'll inspire someone else to buy it!

Enter Giveaways
Many of the gorgeous amazing bloggers i follow have giveaways every so often, which cost nothing to enter but you could be in with a chance of winning some amazing beauty or lifestyle products without spending a thing and all from just following your favourite bloggers!If you do win, it's an opportunity to write about the products you won and again, didn't cost you a penny!

Look Out For Bargains
I never thought i would be able to afford or justify buying any OJON haircare however, on browsing around Boots, i found it was buy the shampoo and get the conditioner free. So i should have paid around £43 for the both, i ended up paying £21 and then got a discount and ended up paying £19 for both.

Just goes to show even the expensive products can be so obtainable for less money when you look for those bargains!

These are just a few of the ways i have blogged on a budget and i'm hoping they help you, whether your a newbie blogger or looking to start a blog but fear the amount it may cost you! Anything i may have missed off or any tips of your own you have, leave them below for me!




  1. Some great ideas :) I won a UD Naked Smoky palette in a giveaway once, I wouldn't have been able to justify the expense if I'd bought it! x

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  2. These are such great tips! Love the idea of reviewing what you already have and taking inspiration from every day life :) xx


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