02 November 2015

Why I Wash My Hair Every Day

What did you say? You wash your hair EVERYDAY? Yes. You heard me right. Many of you will be screaming at me in your head right now telling me it's bad for my hair and that it strips it of its natural oils. Well, truth is, washing my hair makes it feel softer and healthier and i love it. 

When i was younger, my hair would be stuck up everywhere and since i had quite short layers and a fringe, the only way it would lay flat would be to wash it. So it began, i washed it everyday just to keep it tamed and so i could actually go out in public. I never really noticed any difference in my hair in terms of it being dryer or more damaged and so i continued. 

When i dyed my hair light blonde it was rather damaged from all the dye so i made a promise to myself that i would stop washing my hair everyday to give myself a break and i did just that. I washed it every other day and used dry shampoo in between. I washed my hair at night and let it air dry and then mostly had my hair up for work etc. I hated it. I noticed that the ends of my hair were becoming dryer, even though i wasn't using heat on them and i was using leave in conditioner and oils to help nourish my ends. On top of that, my roots were greasier than the chicken at KFC. 

I stuck with it though, as i know it takes a while for your hair to get used to it. I trimmed my hair regularly and even chopped off a huge chunk of my dry ends but that did nothing... So then i gave up and started washing my hair everyday again. I even blow dry and straighten it too. I've discovered that my hair feels a lot better since washing it everyday. My ends are silky and smooth and my roots feel clean and fresh (because i can't stand my hair feeling greasy anymore) and my hair just feels better in general. In fact, every morning Owain tends to want to feel my hair because it's that smooth. I'm so proud of my silky hair!

At the weekends when i wash my hair, i leave it to air dry and have a good hair mask routine to moisturise my hair so i'm not always using heat on it!

This works for me and i know some people can get away with only washing their hair once a week or every few days but for me, it needs washing everyday and i'm happy with that. I've seen some progress with my hair growth too as i cut it all off at the end of august to around chin length and now it's almost touching the top of my shoulder blades. This is progress for me!

Do you wash you hair everyday or not?




  1. I used to wash my hair everyday and my hair was always fine with that. But I have very fine hair and when I started only washing it every other day I felt that my hair does look thicker. I agree though you do what is best for your hair as it is all different :)

    Pams Stuff and Things

    1. Yeah, i feel my hair looks too limp when i dont wash it! xx

  2. You have to do what works best for you. I wash my hair once a week but mine is very thick and I have lots of it. Washing it everyday makes it greasy and lifeless whereas once a week keeps it healthy.

    Fiona | Wishes, Hopes and Dreams

    1. Yeah :) agreed! Different ways work differently for everyone! Thanks for reading :)

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