06 November 2015

Thisworks - Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Oh boy do i love my sleep. Anyone who knows me will know i have a soft spot for those weekend lie ins. Falling asleep at night is hard for me though as if it's even slightly noisy or light, i'm kept awake until i'm too tired to be awake anymore. Not so good for those early mornings on weekdays and even worse when it's so dark that you just hate getting out of bed. 

Cue the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray from thisworks. It's a god send. When i've had myself a nice evening bubble bath, i spray a little of this on my pillow and the top of my duvet and when i settle into bed, the smell makes me sleepy. It's so relaxing and i use it almost every night. It has essential Lavender oils and camomile to sooth your sense to sleep. It's even suitable for women who are pregnant to help you drift off too. 

At £16.00 from thisworks website, it's quite expensive for a pillow spray and i'm pretty sure you can purchase lavender oils separately to use but this has lasted me forever as you only need a quick spray and sometimes, i don't need to use it as my pillow still has the smell from the night before, which works just as good. 

If you have any other methods of falling asleep faster or any recommendations, i'm all ears so let me know!

Because i need all the beauty sleep i can get..... 




  1. Oooh I love a good pillow mist! I'm currently using an Avon one, but after that has run out, I'm going to try making one myself after seeing a recipe on A Beautiful Mess! :) xxx

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  2. At to begin with, fragrance based treatment pillow spray struck me as a smart thought however only somewhat excessive, to some degree not exactly a "key" utilization of fundamental oils. Still, I am nothing if not receptive, so I gave it a shot. That is to say, I actually gave it a shot, stirring up a straightforward fragrance based treatment pillow spray in a squirt container and shooting without end.


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