11 November 2015

The Search For Oil Free Skin

Hands up if your skin is like an oil rig exploded on it after around 3 hours of washing it. Well, you are not alone - I'm right there with you. Now, i have a side swept fringe at the moment and when my T zone gets oily, it's a mess. My hair sticks to my head or just turns into a greasy mess and my foundation smudges off. It got so bad one day i could see droplets of oil mixed with my foundation just sat there in my forehead. NO ONE NEEDS THAT!

So, i'm on the search for products to tame my oily skin. I used to be a big fan of the Clinique 3 step for Oily combination skin but recently, i've found the clarifying solution is a little too harsh and the oil still keeps coming. They say oily skin will mean you have less wrinkles when you're older as your skin is well moisturised but they say nothing positive about having to deal with this in your 20's! I decided to pick up some oil free and oil prevention products to try and see if by using different products i could combat some of this oil production. Even if it only helped a little, at least i'd know i'm on the right track. 

The first item i decided to try was the Garnier Moisture Matte Moisturiser for combination to oily skin. The texture of this is very grainy and a little bit strange. When applied to your face you can feel the weird texture and it doesn't feel like a moisturiser at all. I understand where they are coming from with trying to get that matte feeling but the grainy-ness of this just rubs at your skin and sometimes it would start to exfoliate my skin a little while applying, leaving me with bits of skin on my face that i needed to wipe off. So far, not a pleasurable experience. I also found that due to the texture, it made it very difficult to apply make up on top of it, even after it dried. It didn't feel like a moisturiser and the oil still came in waves. Alright, onto something else...

I figured i would try an actual moisturiser with a moisturising texture which was made for combination oily skin and was also oil free. I loooove the smell of this Nivea Day Cream as it reminds me of raiding my mums bath products when i was younger! It sunk into my skin really quickly and didn't leave my face feeling too wet. It did take a while for me to be able to apply foundation and even by midday, the oil was still coming through. 

That's when i decided i would opt for a matte primer from Rimmel London to (hopefully) keep my foundation in place. Did it work? No. I applied my moisturiser as usual, left it to sink in to my skin and then applied the primer on my T zone, where i needed the oil control. Unfortunately, this still did not combat the amount of oil my skin was producing. It was a shame as the primer left my skin feeling velvety smooth and i wish my skin could feel like that all day!

I don't mind a slight shine to the skin which looks healthy and keeps my skin hydrated but it's the constant oily mess that my face becomes that's making me annoyed. I always see people with perfect make up which lasts all day and even on nights out, i end up looking like i've been rubbing KFC on my face. 

Since trying different products out i've decided to change the way i cleanse and wash my face to see if this makes any difference. I will get rid of you oil!

Any suggestions are welcome!




  1. Haha this post is literally summing up my life! I have had exactly the same problem recently but I've found a pretty decent Garnier one called Pure Active Matte Control, although your face doesn't stay matte all day, it's much better than any of these (I've tried them all in desperation too!!) Haha! Best one so far!! Let me know if you find any others :)

    Tania | teabee94.blogspot.co.uk x

    1. I'm trying to find other ways and things which might be making my skin oily but i'm definitely going to try other products if nothing works and i'm going to do a few more posts about my efforts as well! :) :)



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