21 November 2015

Podcasts I Think You Should Listen To...

I haven't always been a podcast fan. I used to listen to the BBC Radio 1 breakfast radio podcast when Chris Moyles was on the air, but this is years ago now. Then came the playlists of music thanks to iPods and Spotify so who had time for a podcast?!

Owain listens to them before he falls asleep. I'm unsure how he manages to fall asleep when the type of podcasts he listens to are either funny or far too interesting to simply fall asleep too. I mean, how will you know how it ends??? Well, he eventually roped me into listening to a podcast. Serial, to be exact and boy was i converted. So here are my current favourite podcasts that i've been listening to recently and some great reasons why you should listen too.

This was the podcast that made me addicted to podcasts. Serial is a podcast series surrounding a murder which took place in 1993 at a high school in Baltimore. You may have seen recent news about it but if not the short story is that a high school student and ex boyfriend of the victim was convicted of her murder without any solid evidence except testimonies. It's an interesting look at what happened and the events leading up to the tragedy. It lets you form your own opinion on what happened which is great because it's basically as if someone is reading a murder mystery book to you, chapter by chapter. Totally freaky if you listen to it before bed but one i found so so so interesting! I'm also currently following the recent events which have been brought to light following this podcast series!

Stuff You Should Know
This podcast is one of the most interesting i've listened too. A couple of guys sitting around discussing how stuff works. And it's not just stuff you already know about. I've listened to things from to 'How police dogs work' to 'How the placebo effect works'. Super weird but super interesting stuff. You never know when you'll be able to throw out a random fact that you've learnt or you might be a little more handy in a pub quiz. Either way, if you don't know it already, it's stuff you'll want to know!

Answer Me This
Oh how I love Helen and Olly and this podcast! The premise of this is that you ask the questions, whether it's personal to you or just something you've always wanted the answer too and if you're lucky enough, it will be answered! This podcast is funny and also rather interesting as I've learnt the answers to things I never knew before! Helen and Olly give their opinions on peoples questions and do try to provide a proper answer as well if they can. I love listening to this on long journeys, giggling away at the questions and most of the answers!

There are so many more out there in the podcast world that I haven't yet been lucky enough to come across! If you know of any let me know and I'll check them out! 

What are your favourite podcasts?



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