04 November 2015

One Step Closer...

To my university degree! Yes, last week i got the notification that i passed my second module on Welfare, Crime and Society! I'm so pleased with myself and quite relieved as since completing the exam in September, i've been convincing myself that i had failed. When i looked back at the module material i could have cried when i thought i had wrote 13 and a half pages on the wrong thing. 

The 6 weeks it took for me to get my result were the slowest and most painful 6 weeks imaginable and i was checking the site everyday to see if my result had been posted and then finally... I was told i had passed. I'd actually done better than i thought i would and it's given me so much more motivation to do well on my next module which starts in January 2016.

I've still got 4 modules to go but i'm almost halfway through and then i can decide what i want to do with my degree, hopefully i'll have more inspiration as i work through the modules. 

Thank you to everyone who congratulated me on Twitter  and now i've got a few months to concentrate on relaxing and actually reading for pleasure rather than for study!



  1. Well done! You are a braver person than me studying via the open university. I've just returned to education and I am finding it difficult to do self-directed study so if the whole thing was independent learning I just couldn't do it! x

    Amy at Amy & More

    1. thanks lovely! It's scary but so rewarding when your hard work pays off! xx


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