28 November 2015

My Little Sweet Box

This little monthly box is by far my favourite box but lately, i feel like they have slipped a little in the quality of the beauty & lifestyle products within the boxes. When i first subscribed, i was overwhelmed by the items i received but lately, not so much. Im not sure the term 'My Little Sweet Box' fits with the theme, as nothing was really sweet orientated and it was more kitchen themed. The last box i received was the My Little Sweet Box and here is what was included;-

The tin! oh the tin! In place of a cardboard box as normal, they sent it in a cute tin covered in cute doodles of kitchen items. This tin is a keeper and you can use it to store things in your kitchen or keep all your make up bit and bobs in safe and sound. 

The lifestyle items this time around were some stickers for kitchen items such as pasta pots and flour jars, something which i may use in the future but all my containers are opaque and so putting these stickers on wouldn't be of any use. Still, for those who have glass jars in their kitchen, these would be a cute addition! There was also an apron which is for around your waste and not a full body apron but i've been using this when i cook even though my kitchen tops mean i rarely spill things on my waist and its mainly my chest area that's exposed. Even so, i love the apron and it's my favourite item in this box!

The beauty products weren't my favourite but they might be yours. A hand cream from their range my little beauty but at this time of year, everything is hand cream and i have far too many that i don't need and probably won't get around to using. There was also a face and body oil which i looked forward to using but i find using oils difficult on my face and body as i feel they never seem to dry and leave me feeling sticky and greasy. The third product was a Yves Rocher perfume which smells very musky and i'm not sure i like it. I've never really been a big fan of anything i've had from this brand. 

The magazine again was disappointing with hardly any content. I want something i can read with lots of varied content which will keep me entertained for a good half hour. This took me around 3 minutes to flick through and i used to love the magazines they had when i first started receiving these boxes. 

This wasn't my favourite box but i'm hoping the December box will be full of amazing christmas cheer and super wintery products. Im excited! 




  1. very cute ! I used to be subscribed but I stop few months ago to save money :)


  2. How adorable, I've never heard of this box before.

    Sarah | sarahinwonderland.co.uk <3

  3. How much is this monthly? Its kind of cute but I know that there's a lot of different monthly boxes out and about at the moment x

    Mollie Victoria Beauty | Blog


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