01 November 2015

My Little Creative Box

I always eagerly await the day i receive My Little Box through the post. It's a different theme each month and a mixture of beauty and lifestyle products which i absolutely love. Many monthly subscription boxes for women focus solely on the beauty products so it's great to have such as mix like in My Little Box. Unfortunately, although i do like most of the items included in this month's box, i can't help but feel a little disappointed...

Firstly, the tote bag. Super cute with a quote on the side that reads "collect moments not things" and the my little box logo on the other side. It was only the other day i was talking about purchasing a tote bag since the 5p bag charge has come in as it will come in handy so this is definitely something i will use in the future, if i remember to pick it up and take it with me that is. 

The second item was some tech jewellery which the description said you can attach to wires such as headphone wires to jazz them up a bit. Now, i'm all for this but i'm too scared they will pop off and go everywhere or that they'll just be too much hard work when i'm trying to use my headphones. I haven't yet thought of a good use for them so i'm all ears for suggestions...

Then the beauty items. I know it's winter coming up but all 3 items are lotions; Hand lotion, Body lotion and a night cream. I love a bit of hydration in the winter because my hands get super cold but i just feel everything lately is hand or body lotion related due to winter and i thought My Little Box, especially as it's the creative box would have changed it up a little. Maybe a glitter for nails so you can DIY or something along those lines. Don't get me wrong, the lotions smell fantastic and i will definitely be using them i was just hoping for something a little more 'creative'.

The usual magazine i was the most disappointed with. Usually packed with information this month's had information on how to care for your lips when it's cold weather, a hair tutorial and an interview with a Pinterest expert. I was hoping for more as i already know how to take care of my lips and my hair isn't long enough to try out the tutorial. I wished there were more creative and DIY articles in the magazine or just more of what they already had. 

Here's hoping the next box is an amazing one (& please, no more hand lotions....). What did you think of yours?



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