22 November 2015

Life Lately via Instagram

I've never really been an Instagram kind of girl until recently. I would occasionally post photos when i remembered and it wasn't my go to way of sharing my photos socially. So much so that it was unused for a long time. Recently however, i've been browsing back through old photos and realising the joy and the memories it brought back, i figured i should start using it more. 

So, cue Bev taking lots more photos and making people stop so i can take a photo from a decent angle. I even spent a good 10 minutes looking at the design of the candles in TK Maxx today and wondering how well they would photograph rather than actually smelling them to make sure i liked it. Life of a blogger eh? So here's my life lately through the eyes of my Instagram account... 

  • The first photo is said candle. It smells like spiced apple and i love the simple design and the glass holder is a big win too. I can totally use it for other things after the candle has burnt out. It makes my flat smell like winter and i love it! I bought this in TK Maxx today and all i need now is a hot mug of tea and i'm sorted. 

  • Next was a visit to the Steam Yard Coffee shop in the city centre for breakfast early this morning after a rather late night on Saturday. A coffee and a bagel with friends is one of the best feelings - even if i did have to get up and out of the flat at a completely evil time on a Sunday. 

  • As mentioned, Saturday night was a late one playing Cards Against Humanity with the favourites. If you've never played this game and you have a horrible sense of humour then you will love it. If you're a sensitive soul then maybe avoid it. I'm taking it home with me for christmas, this could be interesting!

  • A photo of my face - or a shameless bathroom selfie - was to document how my hair is growing. It doesn't look like much but considering 3 months ago it was a couple of inches shorter, i think i'm doing well! I was also wearing eyeshadow and i hardly ever do that so it was something i wanted to remember. 

  • The flowers! The flowers! This is my favourite photo of the flowers we have on our living room table. So bright and so pretty and really just a lovely addition, especially in winter when everything's dark and the weather is horrible. I need to buy flowers more often!

  • One of my all time favourite pictures of the Eiffel Tower which i took when me and Owain visited Paris a few years back. At a horrible and ugly time for not only Paris but for the entire world, i wanted to show the beauty of the city that i remember. 

  • On my lunch at work i purchased some Dandelion & Burdock and if you don't like this then i'm not sure we can be friends. As soon as i saw it i knew i had to have it - and just look at the beautiful packaging! I'm now also craving cream soda, another of my favourite drinks! 

  • Yes, that is a McDonalds receipt and yes, i took a picture of it because it said 007... Owain told me i was silly but it was early morning, i was waiting for my latte and i found it amusing, so why not. If only the girl who made my latte could have shouted "Order for 007 ready", it would have made my day. 

  • Lastly, a picture of me which is a few weeks old now, when i was going out with my family and i thought my eyeliner and lipstick game was quite strong. I'm all for eyeliner everyday but lipstick is my go to beauty product when i want to up my game and i loved it! It was a berry shade, perfect for this time of year!

So, there's my life lately through my Instagram and it's definitely inspired me to capture more moments and photos. I might just make this a regular weekly post. 



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