13 November 2015

Hello, 2 Years.

2 Years? I hear you ask... Yes 2 Years. The amount of time Owain has put up with me and tolerated me. This got me thinking about all the things we've done and been through over the last 2 years so I wanted to share some random facts and moments with you some good and some down right hilarious....

We Work Together.

Yes, we work together and no, it's not weird. We are both in agreement that we don't fuss over each other at work. We talk if we have too, but i will never seek him out to discuss things with him or have a chit chat about what we're planning on eating that night. We often go out for lunch to have a coffee but we each know that work is work and quite frankly, having to deal with each other both constantly at work and at home would annoy us both equally so, knowing where we stand is great. 

I Once Vomited On His Shoes While Drunk And Crying...

This was hilarious. After a good few days of apologising and looking back thinking... Oh dear god. I cannot remember how it started, all i know is that i was drunk and made him carry me down the street to the point where when he put me down, i cried at him and then threw up. He told me i was crying because i thought my dad was going to die. He didn't by the way, he's completely fine and there was nothing even wrong with him. I'm super cool i swear. 

We Both Sunburn So Bad

Being pale ones, we both get sunburn really easy... Cue us both waking up after sitting in the sun all day drinking Budweiser and wearing no sun cream. We were in a world of pain. He's an actual ginger and i sunburnt more! It was so bad that people at work told me i should get it checked out... We've since never been out in the sun again. Ever. 

I Often Wake Him Up To Tell Him To Shut Up....

Yeah, this one is all me. I cannot sleep at all unless it's silent. A little noise from the river outside is fine but once Owain starts snoring it's a whole different ball game. It keeps me awake all night and he tends to snore differently every 10 minutes or so, so just when i think i can fall asleep, he snorts loudly and i die a little inside. I often find myself nudging him (i say nudging, he says attacking) to see if he shuts up. Failing that, i'll wake him up and tell him...

He Knows When I Want a Cup of Tea...

I ask him to make me tea so often that when i say "Owain..." he asks me if i want tea. He's a good egg though, he'll make me one and he'll go out of his way to make me one. Even getting out of bed at night.... BLESS. 

He Cleaned Out A Taxi When I Threw Up In It

Alcohol + Sweet Potato Fries makes Bev vomit on herself. Yes, i didn't actually vomit in the taxi, i vomited onto myself while sat in the taxi. Owain, being a responsible adult, gave me his shirt and then cleaned up the taxi after we'd got out. He didn't tell me this until a while later though, i just thought we'd got out the taxi together and gone home. It was only 8:30pm. HARDCORE. 

There are many other things we have experienced and done and other little random facts about our life together but these are some of my highlights. Well done to the guy for sticking it out this long but truth be told i sometimes buy him donuts to sweeten him up and even a PS4 ;)

All in all, He's a darling for putting up with me.




  1. This is so cute! my and my bf have been together 4 years and i couldn't rack up a list like this!

    Aine Oh

  2. Awh congrats on the two years! Snoring is horrendous, I pinch my partner's nose every time he does it. I wish you lots of happiness for the next year (and hopefully a little less sick) aha xx


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