08 November 2015

Followers & Why I've Stopped Counting Them

It was only the other week i was marvelling over how many Twitter followers i had. Almost 1000 i exclaimed to myself! Then i started to become sad when i saw people had unfollowed because i hadn't followed back. Was i boring? Was i not posting enough? Did they even like my blog or were they following to get their follower count up in the hope i would follow back... FYI, that's not cool. 

...And then i decided to stop caring. 

What do followers mean? Do they all read your posts or are half of them there because you followed them so they just followed you back and vice versa? I feel there may be too many people i follow simply because in my early days of blogging, i felt lucky enough to be followed by anybody so i just followed back without really deciding if i related to them or their blog and if i was going to read their tweets or skip over them. I am lucky to have people who i consider amazingly talented bloggers follow me and sometimes i wonder why they do, but if they enjoy talking to me and my blog then that's all that matters. 

I feel like i've let my blog and my twitter become some sort of competition when i originally started it as a hobby and that's how i want to keep it. I often look at how many followers people have (twitter stalking is a past time of mine) and it often knocks me back thinking 'why can't i have as many followers?'. I want to do well and attract readers but readers don't necessarily mean followers that you can count and keep track of. As long as they're reading my posts and i'm making even the slightest bit of difference to someone where, then i'm happy. 

There's far too much bad competition within the blogging community with the amount of followers people do or don't have and so i've decided to chill out, write posts and not to get too hung up on how many people are following me... Don't get me wrong, i'll still have a little happy dance inside if i reach 1000 followers on twitter but it's not my aim to get there worrying about it in any way shape or form.




  1. Such a lovely article. You should indeed enjoy blogging without worrying about followers..nevertheless, it`s still annoying when someone unfollows you if you don`t or worse, they unfollow as soon as you follow them.


    1. I agree! I feel a lot of followers these days are just out to get people to follow them back, and i will if i like their blog etc and would follow and read but i'm learning to just sit back, write and relax and not worry whether people follow me :)

      thanks for the lovely comment! x

  2. I completely agree with this whole post. I see some blogs which are small who have such a dedicated audience with tonnes of comments, then some bigger blogs with hardly any personal comments (just comments to leave your link pretty much!). And then I think, which would I actually prefer?! Sometimes numbers don't mean anything xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge


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