19 November 2015

Edinburgh Zoo Adventures

I've never been to a Zoo. 

Okay, after you've got over the shock of the above statement i recently decided that enough was enough and so me and Owain headed for Edinburgh Zoo for a day after hearing amazing things about it via my family. What an exciting way to spend my 25th birthday! We saw all sorts of animals and even a Panda. A PANDA! I was super excited and loved every minute of it. 

It was around £16 for an adult ticket and it cost nothing extra to see the Panda you just have to book a time to go see them as they're so popular and so damn cute! You wander around the Zoo yourself so you get to stop off for a coffee and a bite to eat and you can come back and walk around to see the animals as many times as you'd like. Some of the enclosures even let you walk through which is pretty great being that close to some of the animals. 

This is just a selection of what you can see at the Zoo, there's hours of fun and it's not just for children....except i bought a capri sun and laughed when the monkeys looked at each others butts, but that's just how i roll.  If you do get a chance to go, it's well worth it and a weekend in Edinburgh is spectacular too!

Also, i bought a penguin teddy...



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