27 October 2015

Life Lately...

Hello. I've been missing for a few days and due to personal reasons, i haven't been able to update posts and continue with Blogtober. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen my mum is currently in hospital and so due to that, i've not been in the right frame of mind to sit and write posts and i've had quite a busy few days. 

Friday was someone's leaving drinks at work and then Saturday was spent travelling to see my mum and my family. I arrive back home in the evening and after eating, all i wanted to do was go to sleep. Sunday morning saw the long journey to Edinburgh as i was visiting Edinburgh Zoo for my birthday so for Sunday & Monday i spent it busy busy in Edinburgh. When i got home last night i was exhausted so sleep was all i wanted to do. 

Today, it's my last day off work before i'm back tomorrow and so i'm spending it sorting things out and getting back on track for writing posts. I just don't want to force myself if i'm not feeling it as i know the posts will be awful. 

Watch this space, i will be back. 



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