04 October 2015

Catch Up With Beverbeeee - 4/10/15

Another week, another catch up! Time goes too quickly for my liking these days. This week i travelled to Teesside for work all week as i'm currently helping train some newbies, which is always a challenge but such good fun. I always feel welcome and they always have a cup of tea waiting for me! I'm back there working from tomorrow again for another week and i'm really looking forward to it. 

After work, as it was just me i had to eat alone. Which to me, is the scariest thing imaginable but i quickly got over that when i realised that no one really cared that i was eating on my own and was just getting on with their own things. Imagine! I ate steak, lasagne, pasta and had a lovely array of desserts to choose from but i definitely ended up with a chocolate dessert. I can't wait for next weeks food. Can you tell i like food? Yes?

I had chance to have relaxing baths in the evening because let's face it - i didn't have much else do to in a premier inn. Face masks and hair masks were all used and it was great to have a little bit of me time without having to worry about washing up, cooking or cleaning the kitchen!

Not a lot else happened this week as i was not at home but i got very teary watching the Pride of Britain awards and i had a lovely hug and catch up with Owain when i got back on Friday night and we had a cup of tea. He's been at work all weekend so i haven't really seen him which is annoying but next weekend i'm planning for us to go out for some food or something, but shh. Don't tell him. 

Until next time lovely people!



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