18 October 2015

Catch up with Beverbeeee - 18/10/15

This week went so so so so slow and i'm not sure why. Usually, my week goes slow when i'm excited about the weekend but i had no plans for this weekend, except of course, relaxing in my PJ's. Work has been okay, nothing exciting has happened really. Payday came and went and i bought some new clothes and make up - which i will surely show you in the next few weeks but other than that. It's been a a really uneventful week. 

Owain fell off his bike but he's okay, just a bit bruised and cut but nothing a decent bandage and an amazing cup of tea can't sort. 

I've found myself eating a lot of junk food this week, which i don't mind because it's not like i'm on some strict diet (or any diet for that matter) but i can tell it's making me feel icky. I think next week calls for a change. I might actually make food for myself which contains some form of salad. Crazy. 

I'm also complete stuck on posts to write at the moment. I definitely need some inspiration! I've still got half a month of blogtober left and i've ran out of steam. I'm pretty sure something will come to me though. I hope. Keep your fingers crossed for me. 

Also, newsflash! - i haven't (yet) got bored of my hair and decided to cut it all off or dye it a different colour. I think this is a record for me. Usually when it gets to around neck/shoulder length i reach for the scissors because it annoys me when it's around my neck but i'm trying to stick it out. I will have long beautiful hair! I will! 

Now, i'm going to go for a little relax and pamper on this autumnal feeling Sunday and if you want to check out what i'm currently loving in my pamper routine, you can find it all here

Have a lovely Sunday!



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