19 October 2015

Why I Love Being Short

I've been the short friend all my life. When i was younger, i figured it was because i was young and just hadn't grown yet but as i got older, i realised short was just how i was meant to be and i've completely made my peace with it, regardless of whether people think being short is a bad thing or not.  

Being a shorty has its pros and cons. Pro - I recently bought an amazing slogan t shirt aged 14-15 from the New Look kids section. Oh yes. Con - Things on the top shelf in Tesco are a no go area. Unless some lovely chap is willing to get it down for you without laughing. Getting ID'd for everything is also another draw back to being short but whenever i don't get ID'd, i get nervous that i'm looking old. Sigh. 

People always ask me if i want to be taller and the answer is always no. The world from my perspective is the world how i see it and how i've come to love it so no, i wouldn't want to be taller. It would change how i saw things and being small is what makes me, me. Sometimes, i'll admit i do envy taller people who's legs are in proportion to their body and just look fantastic on the beach or in a dress but ask me if i would swap and the answer is still no. I can wear huge heels and never be taller than everyone. I never have to bend down to hug people or to hear what they are saying. 

Being small doesn't make me less of a person (so happy with that line). It has given me a loud and happy personality and i'll be the first one to make fun of my size if the chance comes up. I've learnt that the petite section in topshop and other stores is my new best friend and i generally just love being tiny. Hide and seek is a somewhat of an easy game for me and i'm hoping when i'm 50 i'll look like i'm 25. A girl can dream right?

So, i'm embracing my shortness and to celebrate here are some pictures of me over the years being my small self;

Teeny Tiny Bev, I love it. 



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