03 October 2015

Why I Chose To Study With The Open University

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When i was in college, there was nothing i was looking forward to more than University. New friends, new places, studying something i enjoyed. I wanted to do Law. Ever since i walked into my college Law class and met the teacher who was so funny and so helpful. I felt like i was good at something and it interested me completely. I applied to Sheffield Hallam and Derby University and was accepted to both to study Law.

Then i decided not go.

I'm not sure why, but it didn't feel right.

I guess i was more comfortable at home and the thought of being in a different place scared me. I didn't feel grown up enough or ready to move away and meet new people. My family were disappointed but i got a full time job and have been earning my own money and living on my own since then but there was always something niggling at me to do something else. Then by chance i came across The Open University on the internet and browsed for ages. I went through stages of choosing a degree to study and then deciding not too. It was a good 4 months until i decided to register for a degree in Criminology and Psychology.

The books came with all the information and i got stuck into it. That was February 2014. I've just finished my second module and i'm about to take the exam and although i'm really nervous about it, i'm sure i'll be okay. I have another 4 modules (that's another 4 long years) until i finish the degree and i am looking forward to finishing it and finding out what the world has in store for me.

The Open University is really easily accessible and you study on your own time. You have a tutor to guide you and help you and they mark all your assignments which you send in online. They provide great feedback and tell you how you can improve next time. They are always there if you have a question or you can use the forums on the Open Uni website for your tutor group. You get to meet everyone at tutorials and everyone is so friendly and helpful. At The Open University, you are in control of your education and you make sure you find the time to study. It's made me more proactive in doing some work!

Almost 2 years on and i'm not looking back. I think it was a great decision and i'm excited to see what opportunities it may bring me in my future. I've just sat my end of module exam for my second year and although i probably could have done better, i'm excited to see my module result and learn more things!

It's not as scary as it looks! Would you consider studying with The Open University? If you would, check out their website here and have a browse at all the wonderful courses they do!



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