16 October 2015

A Weekly Pamper Night

It's no secret to anyone who knows me that i love me a good bath and a pamper. In fact, i have a bath daily and i love it. It's what i need after work, just a half hour to relax and have a little bit of me time. It's even better in the winter months as it totally warms you up when it's freezing outside! Once (or twice) a week i will have a full on pamper night with a hair mask, face mask and use general feel good items to really give myself a chance to relax. Owain will usually be playing Fifa or something so he doesn't miss me at all. So here are my favourite things i currently use while having a pamper night!

The first thing i do when in the bath is shampoo my hair, but the shampoo i use varies depending on what i have available but this little hair mask beauty has been a bathroom favourite for a while now. It's a mask with Dry oil in it, and oh it smells divine! After shampooing i massage this into the lengths of my hair and let it work it's magic for a good 10 minutes. It leaves my hair feeling so soft and gives it a much needed moisture boost after a week of damage from heat and the weather outside!

While my hair mask is working its magic on my hair, i make sure my face is thoroughly cleansed and again, what i use varies but after i always use this anti blemish mud mask for oily and spot prone skin. I have super oily skin and this works a treat for me. Once on, i relax and read through twitter or watch some vlogs and catch up on posts i may have missed. If i've managed to buy a magazine, i'll also have a flick through that! 

Once i've washed off the hair and face mask and made sure i'm squeaky clean, i'm out and dry with my favourite PJ's on. Come to think of it, i definitely need some more PJ's for the next few months. A girl can never have enough when it gets to October! To give my face some moisture after the face mask, i use this Monu Hawaii Facial Treatment Oil all over my face. Some say putting oil on oily skin is a bad idea but it's never been anything but great for my skin! I warm the oil up in my hands (only a small amount is needed!) and massage into my skin. 

The last thing i do when having a pamper night for one is use this body lotion. If you've ever had the Armani Code for Women perfume, it smells exactly like that and as Owain put it the other day "you always wear this perfume in winter and at christmas, so i always associate that smell with winter". You can't get better than that! This is my winter smell. It leaves my skin so soft and with a lovely subtle perfume smell so i don't need to cover myself in perfume. 

Oh, and the bath MUST have bubbles. Otherwise, it ain't a pamper night. Thems the rules! Thus bubble bath smells amazing and i'm a huge fan of Radox bubble baths and i use them all the time. In fact, Owain uses them all the time because they always seem to be all gone whenever he has a bath!

These are just a few things i use and do when i'm having a pamper night. There are other things as well such as making sure something good is on the TV for the rest of the night and doing my eyebrows or nails if i need too but i always always always make sure i have the above items when planning my pamper night. I've used them so much while relaxing that my mind associates being relaxed and happy with a bath and these things! Can't be bad, can it?

How do you relax?


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