13 October 2015

Plantur Nutri-Caffeine Shampoo

So it's official. Looking back over my recent posts, i seem to be obsessed with hair care. I think it's mainly due to the fact that my hair has been through so much over the years and i can't help myself when i see someone with a shiny new hair colour or an old photo of myself. It's far to easy to change my hair colour up but the damage it does to my hair is not as fun or as easy to fix.

I've been blonde, brunette, redhead and all variations of these shades in between and i still haven't found the shade i really want to stick with. Oh well. What i have found though is a shampoo that claims to combat poor hair growth for colour treated and stressed hair. 

We all know stress and damage from hair dye chemicals and heat really play havoc with the growth of your hair. It has to be nourished to grow and to prevent those ends splitting all the way up your hair causing you to have to have it all chopped off. I know this all too well. So, when a work colleague (well, several in fact) mentioned Plantur shampoo, i had to give i a go. They do a range for those over 40 but i decided as i am a far way off 40, to go for the Plantur 21 range. 

Usually, hair grows around half an inch per month although it varies for different people with different hair habits and textures but i would say half an inch is about right for my hair per month. I used this shampoo whenever i washed my hair and monitored the growth and the state of my hair throughout. 

Looking at my hair now (it was so hard not to dye my roots while i was doing this!!) my hair has inly grown around half an inch still so i didn't really see much growth but i guess if my hair cannot grow any quicker then i'm happy with half an inch a month! The actual texture of my hair felt so much better. It looked thicker and healthier and i was pleasantly surprised at how much i enjoyed using this shampoo! 

I usually wash my hair everyday and then use a hair dryer and straighteners (please don't hate me) and i forgot to take some heat protection with me while i was away for 2 weeks but the ends of my hair have never looked better. Not a split end in sight. It's like a miracle for my hair.  I will most definitely be repurchasing this in the future but for now, i'm testing out some other haircare products! 

Also, I'm not saying this shampoo will not work or will work for you the same way as for me, but this was my experience with this product. 


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  1. I've been wanting to try a caffeine shampoo/conditioner, this actually sound pretty good as well - tempted to give it a go! You should try using coconut oil hair masks, it completely my hair out!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog


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