06 October 2015

OGX Coconut Milk Hair Care Range

Have you ever swished your hair and caught the smell of your shampoo & conditioner and just been in heaven? That's how i feel after i use this amazing duo of everyday hair care! This is the most affordable and brilliant shampoo & conditioner i have ever used. It makes my hair feel super silky and soft after every use and doesn't make it feel greasy at all. 

I first purchased the Keratin Oil OGX shampoo & conditioner after spying them in boots and they worked a treat. I found these little coconut beauties while browsing through Estée Lalonde's youtube and she mentioned these were a favourite of hers. Being a lover of anything coconut smelling and knowing how much i liked the OGX hair care range, i couldn't resist picking them up on my next trip to town. 

I've almost finished these and it's filling me with worry that i won't get to Boots in time to pick some more up before they run out! I'm sure Owain uses them secretly! You can pick these up for around £5 at Boots  and trust me, you'll love the smell! Sometimes i find myself swishing my hair about to smell it. It's a great surprise throughout the day when you catch a whiff!

If i need a super budget friendly but amazing everyday hair care combination, this would be it. 

Have you tried OGX Haircare?



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