15 October 2015

My NYC Travel Diary

If you weren't already aware, Me & Mr Jones visited New York back in March for his 29th birthday and boy was it an amazing experience. We only went for 3 nights but in total we walked around 35 miles and saw landmarks and places we had been dreaming of up until that holiday. Looking back, it all went so fast and it still doesn't feel real. Sometimes i have to look at pictures to remind myself that i was actually there. So, i'm sharing them with you....

Our Journey There

Our Hotel


The Journey Home

Loved this trip! If you get chance, then go and go for more than 3 nights. I'm planning on going back at some point to see more of the city as we only stayed in Manhattan and then ventured to Brooklyn to see the bridge and i really really want to go back at Christmas. I think New York seems better when it's cold. I couldn't imagine going in the dead of summer and being all sweaty walking around the city. 



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