02 October 2015

Why I Love Formula 1

A few years ago, when my grandad was still alive he used to watch the Formula 1 each and every weekend without fail. Those weekends it was on and i would be at  my grandparents for Sunday Dinner would be the most boring Sunday's on record. I was young, i didn't understand it and to me, it was just cars racing and i was just not that interested. You could say, i hated it. 

Fast forward several years and i caught the end of one race. I knew who Jenson Button was so i was hoping he'd win. He was in second so it didn't seem too much of an ask. Then he ended up last.  I remember sticking to my guns and saying he would win. He made his way to second and at one of the very last corners, he passed Sebastian Vettel and won. That was Canada 2011. I was hooked after that. 

Watching it week on week from when it starts in March to the season end in November, i picked up who the drivers were, what the technical words meant and developed a fondness for certain teams. Things changed - teams went from bad to good, good to bad. Rules changed - some for the better, some not. People were lost - Jules Bianchi died after his shocking crash. Still, i watched it religiously. 

Now, i'm not sure i can explain why i love Formula 1 as all i ever get told is it's just cars going round a track for the best part of 2 hours and nothing exciting happens but i beg to differ. I enjoy the race - watching people fight each other doing speeds of up to 200 mph. I enjoy seeing the championship points and i have my favourites who i want to win and who i don't - god bless Daniel Ricciardo. 

It's different to other sports as your nationality doesn't dictate who you drive for and the drivers for each team changes each season. One year Hamilton was racing for Mclaren and then went storming to the top with Mercedes. One year you might be the top of the game and the next changes to the cars or race may mean although your driving style hasn't changed, your not always winning. 

Like i said, it's difficulty to explain but i love it and that's all that matters. 



  1. That race when JB went from last to first was incredible! 😀 I was on the edge of my seat! I've been watching F1 properly since 2009.
    I just wish Webber could have won a championship before he retired! X

    1. :) Yeah, i liked webber but i also like ricciardo - Thanks for reading :D x


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