07 October 2015

Hey It's Okay...

- If you have a day off and choose to spend it watching daytime tv. All hail Judge Rinder! 

- If you take 1000+ selfies because your eyebrows are better than they've ever been.

- To twitter stalk people.

- If your morning journey to work is spent listening to S club 7 and Backstreet Boys. Throwback!

- If that bottle of whiskey you bought yesterday is already all gone. 

- If you say no to going out because you're too busy being in your PJ's and watching Netflix.

- If you forget to take your make up off once in a while. It's not the end of the world.

- To want to go bed at half 8. On a Saturday night. 

- To have no idea what you're doing with your life.

- If you drink too much tea.

- Not to do sober October. A whole month without alcohol? SRSLY?

- If that chocolate bar you bought was meant to last you a few days and it's already gone within an hour.

- To eat alone in a restaurant.

- If you have no idea what to blog about - we all have those days!

- To put yourself first. We all need 'me' time now and then. 

- To spend your hard earned money. 



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