20 October 2015

A Hair Story

Now, my hair has been a lot of colours. I get bored very very easily and my hair colour is the easiest thing to change. I've always had shorter hair, since i had it cut to shoulder length when i was younger so cutting it when i got bored was never an option. I loved how easy it was to change my look with hair dye and how i could have cool blonde hair one week, red hair the next and then end the month on a brown note. 

I know, i know, it's not the healthiest thing to be doing to my hair but over the years, i've become a bit of a pro at dying my hair without it snapping off or looking dry and damaged. The trick is conditioner & lots of it. 

Currently, my hair is a dark blonde on the top fading into a lighter blonde ombré and i haven't got bored of it yet, which is the longest i've been without getting bored of my hair and it's only been like this a few months. I had bright blonde hair and then missed my darker hues so i dyed it ombré and then in August, i decided to go a little darker but it went TOO DARK and i ended up with really dark brown hair. People called me Snow White for a while. I ain't gonna argue with that. Then after washing it eventually faded to ombré again and well here i am. 

So here, i show you some photos of all the different colours my hair hair been over the years, enjoy!

Here's the bright blonde complete with fringe!

Here is my first Ombré, a little darker at the top!

This was the Auburn-y brown phase! 

This April at a wedding reception!

London in August, the 'accidental' dark. (cut all the dead ends off after this pic!)

Excuse the no make up but this is my current ombré! 

I'm sure i will get bored of my hair again, maybe i'll want it lighter, maybe i'll want it darker, who knows?! 

I love seeing people's hair stories too! What's yours?


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