17 October 2015

Get Noticed With Solopress

Solopress have recently launched a campaign called 'Get Noticed With Solopress' where they are offering 1 lucky person the chance to have a billboard design of their choice either promoting themselves, their blog or their business in a location of their choice, be it a hometown or somewhere you want to be noticed.

I was approached by Solopress who beautifully designed some business cards for me, to help with my venture into getting my billboard design out there. Aren't they pretty? Just look at that yellow business card holder. And the pencils?! Oh god, the pencils with my name on them. I have absolutely no creative flair whatsoever, so it was nice that they were able to help me with this. I'm a very pleased little bee. P.s, Yellow is my favourite colour. Im over the bloody moon!

So, onto my billboard design.... Now, as mentioned previously, i have no creative flair whatsoever and a designer i am not so instead of showing you what i would want my billboard to look like, i'm going to just tell you. Exciting, i know but i just don't want to ruin my mental image with drawings and designs which look like they had been done by a 5 year old. Actually, having a 5 year old do my design would probably work out better for me thinking about it.

"I might be small, but i think big!" 

Yes, this is my catchphrase for my billboard design. If you don't already know, i'm tiny. Tiny person but big ideas. Hell, i started a blog and put it all over the internet. That's way beyond what my tiny person could have dreamed of doing a few years ago. Being small, people often think i'm younger than i am or that i'm not experienced or intelligent enough to think big ideas. Oh how i love to prove them wrong.

Incorporating this into my design, i would have me sitting in the corner of the billboard (stay with me here guys, i'm trying to engage your imagination...) while looking up at my catchphrase. Simple right? Yes. Very simple, but to me billboards with a lot going on don't catch my attention because i can't quite read it all or it just looks too confusing. I want something that people can quickly read and that won't confuse them.

Then, as a little addition to my billboard, my contact details in the bottom right hand corner, just so they know who to contact if anyone actually wanted to work with me. A girl can dream right?

Colour scheme wise, i love me a bit of yellow and white. Some crisp colours that perfectly go with summer and that will stand out on those cold winter evenings.

So there you have it... my billboard design. I'm pretty proud of how it looks in my head but i'm sure there will be thousands of more amazing ideas than mine and i can't wait to see the winning design!

If you want to have a look at the competition, have a browse of their page here - there's still a little bit of time to enter if you want to have a go! Think big, remember!

*in collaboration with Solopress


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