14 October 2015

Did You Know...

Sometimes, when reading about a blogger and finding out more about them it's the little quirky things that aren't your average 'my favourite food is Italian' facts. Don't get me wrong, i love reading all about you and your life, in fact they are my favourite posts, but those little fun facts are always my favourite. So, i thought i would let you know some interesting (i hope) weird facts about me that i have learnt over the years about myself either from me or from others...

1) When i type on a keyboard i use all of the fingers on my right hand but only the index finger of my left hand.

2) I can't swim forwards but i'm really good at swimming backwards.

3) I'm deceptively strong and fast for a small person.

4) I can't sleep if it's not pitch black and deathly quiet. Owains breathing wakes me up.

5) My ear piercings are not level, one is so much lower than the other. Definitely fidgeted when i was younger getting those done.

6) I have really, really good eyesight.

7) I'm naturally blonde but my eyebrows and eyelashes are naturally really dark. #weirdo.

8) I jumped a school record at long jump and no one could believe it. I don't even know how i did it. I'm 5ft tall.

9) I own shoes and clothes i've never even worn or taken the labels off.

10) I wash my hair everyday and i'm not even sorry.

I hope my 10 random facts about me were enthralling for you all!



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