11 October 2015

Catch up with Beverbeeee 11/10/15

Another week has flown by! I feel like writing these weekly posts are making my life fast forward - they come around too quickly! 

Today's post is just a quick update as nothing much has really happened in the last week. I've been away in Teesside for work which i always love doing. I love seeing the people and i always feel so welcome. In fact, both times i've been there this year, they've offered me a job in their office but i love Sheffield (the city, not the work) too much so i couldn't leave. 

I spent most of my week in a hotel, catching up on Once Upon A Time and watching some favourite films like About Time. I was taken out for a meal - all hail Nandos (not my choice but still just as fun). As my food was being paid for i made sure i had a main and a dessert every day and boy did it feel good. I like me my food.

My last day in Teesside consisted of telling everyone constantly that i was going home. I couldn't wait to be back in my own bed and my own flat. Plus, i kinda missed Owain but shh, don't tell him. As a parting gift they bought me some flowers which if you don't already know, are very difficult to carry onto 2 trains at rush hour while also manoeuvring a suitcase and my bag. I also got a bottle of tequila because, who doesn't need a bottle of tequila and some chocolates. They always treat me so well in Teesside and i can't wait for a time when i'm needed back there. I miss those guys. 

This weekend i'm spending with Owain having breakfast at Tampa, one of my favourite places which you can read all about in this post  and watching the Formula 1 and generally just relaxing and enjoying being back at home. Back to work on Monday, so i better make the most of it. 



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