12 October 2015

Beat Those Monday Blues

Here it is again, Monday. SADFACE. That day where your working week starts and you're craving the excitement of the weekend but it's oh so far away. Cue today's post... How i beat those Monday blues. So sit back, relax and have a read of what i do on Monday's to cheer myself up. It might not be your cup of tea (or coffee as it may be) but i'm sure we all have our own little things we do to make ourselves smile on these back to work/school/uni days!

1. Freshly Ground Coffee in the morning.
Starting your day with a freshly ground cup of coffee is perfect for a Monday. It sets you up for the day and gives you 10 minutes to sit down & relax before starting the working week again. I find that when i don't have a morning coffee i feel much more irritable. Tea works just as well too :)

2. Pick an outfit that instantly makes you feel confident.
My Monday morning outfit usually consists of a pretty summer dress (if the weather allows) or a tailored pencil skirt and colourful top. Having an outfit you feel confident in will make you feel a million times better, even if the fact that it's Monday morning is putting a downer on your day. An outfit that makes you feel confident will project confidence and will also make you feel better on the inside. Trust me, it works!

3. Music on your way to work.
I have a spotify playlist that i swap and change around all the time depending on how i'm feeling. Making an upbeat playlist for those Monday mornings really perks me up. There's nothing like having a catchy tune in your head that will keep you humming all day. Plus, music activates the brain & it's a better journey to work than sitting watching the summer rain out the window of the bus/car/train.

4. Think positive thoughts. 
I always countdown to significant times during Mondays. I think, if i can make it to lunch i'll treat myself with a Costa coffee or a Starbucks. When i reach lunch, i then realise i've worked half my day already and i instantly feel better. Also, the thought that once Monday is over, it's another 6 days until it will come around again & there's also a full weekend before the next Monday. After all, it is only 1 day a week out of 7!

5. Plan your evening.
I find when making plans for after work on Monday's, i enjoy the day so much more. Even if it's a quick drink with work colleagues, running myself a bath and getting into PJ's when i get home or reading all my favourite blogs from you guys. This gives you something to look forward too whether you have money to go out or not!

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