01 October 2015

30 Things To Do Before 30: The Bucket List

I'm 26 at the end of October and i still look like i'm around 16 so while that has it's good points and bad points, i still feel like i'm growing older too fast and not doing the things i want to do. I don't want to reach an age where i regret not doing things and then have no time to do them. So, what better way to get my butt in gear than to write it all down. So, here are 30 things that i want to do before i turn 30 - hey, it's still 4 years away (still too soon) but it gives me time to do them. Some are big things, some are little victory's i want to achieve but most of all, they are all pretty much obtainable if i want them to be.

1) Skydive - I've always wanted to skydive. I'll probably cry and scream and refuse to do it and ask them to make me but i think i'd really enjoy the experience. 

2) Buy my own house - Getting on the property ladder is a dream that i can't wait to make come true. I can make it my own little space and fill it with pets!

3) Sort my body clock out - I'm a sucker for a massive lie in on Saturdays and Sundays but it's bad for your body clock and i always feel so tired at work because of it. So early mornings on weekends need to happen. 

4) To grow my hair - My hair has been just above shoulder length since i was around 13 years old and it's my life's mission to grow it again. I've almost been there but then cut it all off again in rage!

5) Volunteer - I'd love to spend time helping someone whether it be children, the elderly, the homeless or just those in need. It would bring me happiness to know i'm helping in some way. 

6) Get my Degree - I'm doing an Open University course which should finished when i'm almost 29, and then i'll have a degree in Criminology and Psychology. I'm super excited but it's going to take a lot of hard work.

7) Attend at least 1 blogger event - I'm terrified of meeting new people and i always think people won't know who i am, or won't like me so it would be a big step for me to attend one of these but i'm going to go for it at some point!

8) Stop picking at my skin - Oh god this is horrible but i find whenever i have a spot i tend to scratch it or pick at it and it sticks around for longer. I will never learn. So by the time i'm 30, i want to have kicked that habit as it ain't a good habit to have!

9) Save Money - I am awful at saving - see number 2 - this is why i have no savings towards buying a house. I want to be able to have security in case something goes wrong. Time to start saving! 

10) To go back to New York - I loved the city in March but i bet it's amazing to spend christmas there! I'd love to go back and visit the city at christmas and for a longer period of time. 

11) Learn to Drive - Oh yeah, if you didn't know, i can't drive. It's never held me back as i've always got around really easily and i don't mind walking but it would be nice to pass my test and be able to go on road trips. 

12) Give an animal a home - I'd love to give a rescue animal a home and see the happiness on it's face. I'd spoil it rotten but i'd not be able to stop myself giving them all a home!

13) Be more confident - I'm shy and don't like confrontation so a lot of the time, i just stay quiet but i'd like to think by the time i'm 30 i would have overcome this and be able to stand up for myself more. 

14) Create an Etsy Shop - I'd love to create something that i could sell and that people would buy. I see so many amazing things on etsy and they often end up being presents but i'd love for people to want to buy something i've bought. 

15) Get over my fear of heights - I always think i can do this and then i'l' get to a certain height and then panic. It's something i want to be free of so i no longer panic. 

16) See the Northern Lights - Oh i bet these are beautiful. I've seen pictures but i think seeing them for real would be breathtaking and an amazing experience. 

17) Live in a different country - I'd love to live in Canada or America but it's so difficult to organise and move your life. It's the dream though. 

18) Climb a mountain - my mums climbed Ben Nevis which is an achievement and i want to climb a mountain too - think of the views. 

19) Make a Youtube video - This will probably never ever happen but if i ever got the confidence to do it, it would definitely be a milestone. 

20) Reach 100,000 views on my blog - A big dream as it's only been active just over a month on my new blog but it's a goal!

21) Road trip from north to south of the UK - I want to stay in a hotel in scotland and then road trip all the way down to the south coats of England, staying in hotels and seeing different cities along the way. 

22) Meet someone famous - I've only ever met some previous Scunthorpe United players when i was about 14 and in the local pub. So, it would be nice to meet someone famous at least once in my life. 

23) Run a marathon - At the moment, i can't even run for 5 minutes straight without getting tired. I need to work up my fitness and a marathon would be the ultimate goal!

24) See a Grand Prix race overseas - I've been to Silverstone for the qualifying but i'd love to visit somewhere like Monaco or Australia and see the race on race day! 

25) Go to Disneyland Florida - because i'm a big child and i'd love to go exploring and see everything! 

26) Visit a Christmas Market abroad - I've heard Germany and Belgium have amazing Christmas markets and i'd love to experience that and bring some amazing gifts and memories back!

27) Gamble in Las Vegas - Even if it's only a gamble on a machine as i'm awful at cards. Who knows, I could win big! 

28) Fly First Class - I will always go first class on a train if i can and i'd love to experience the luxury of first class on a plane - especially if i fly long haul!

29) Get a tattoo on my back - Yeah, i'm still not sure what i want but i definitely want a tattoo on my back. Maybe it will be a full back tattoo, maybe it will be a small one. Who knows! 

30) To get ID'd before i'm 30 - I always get ID'd in the weirdest of places because i'm seriously young looking but to be able to still be ID'd when i'm almost 30 will make me giggle. 

& one thing i don't want to do;

Be afraid of getting older - Getting older brings new and exciting challenges such as children, marriage, home buying, family, careers, holidays and loads more new experiences. I don't want to overshadow that with a fear of birthdays or my age. I want to embrace it and all the challenges it brings with it!



  1. I did out a similar list when I turned 25 too! We have a lot of the same aims :-)

  2. I absolutely looove reading other peoples lists, as I feel it inspires my own haha! I should write mine down... I totally agree with number 4, 9, 10 (but I haven't been at all yet!), 16, 19, 25, - phew! Yep I agree with lots haha. Fab post lovely ^__^
    Jemma xx

    1. AHHH Thanks for your comment lovely! I love reading lists too, its what inspired me to write this one! :D

  3. I love this list, it's so nice to have things you can aspire to do!
    I'm doing the day zero project (101 things in 1001 days) - although I've definitely set the mark too high so I guess mine will be before I'm 30 too!

    I think my list is so similar, apart from the skydiving - are you mental! ;)
    Running a marathon - or even just a 5k is one of my biggest too!

    You should definitely keep us all updated


  4. Living in another country would be amazing, I'd love to live in America or Spain at some point, even if it's just for a few months. I think I'd be too petrified to go skydiving, I don't like heights! Good luck with your degree and getting 100,000 views on your blog!

  5. That last one, of something you don't want to do is spot on. I am so scared of getting older and it is constantly in my head, I need to overcome it. I should also publish my list. I wrote it last year when I had over 2 years until the big 3-0 but now it is 18 months away lol! x
    Amy at Amy & More

  6. How close are you to doing Nr. 1?! That would be amazing

    1. Not as close as I want to be! I totally want to do it but I'm a big scaredy cat!!! Xx

    2. Not as close as I want to be! I totally want to do it but I'm a big scaredy cat!!! Xx


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