26 September 2015

Why I Love Autumn

Autumn; darker evenings, colder mornings, new coats. Autumn is officially my favourite season and has been for as long as i can remember. I hate summer - i am definitely not a vest top and shorts kind of person. I'd rather be wearing a coat, a scarf and some kick ass handmade mittens. Spring is the first step to summer, like a cooler version of it and it's nice, you can still wrap up but you just know what's around the corner - people are posting about how they wish summer was here now and already tanning for the summer months. Not for me. 

Autumn & Winter are my favourites times of year. Winter tends to be more cold, with snow and a lot of getting your feet wet and turning into Rudolph with your Winter cold. I like Autumn, i even like the word - so i thought i would share my favourite things about Autumn. 

Darker Evenings
When the evening starts to get dark at around 7/8pm, you know it's almost winter but not quite there yet. I love getting home, sitting with a cup of tea and waiting for the evening to get darker. I can't be dealing with light evenings all the way up until 10pm. No. 

Oooo, Autumn fashion. The mustard and brown coloured scarfs and coats. Layering tops, chunky knit jumpers and coats without it being too cold or rainy. Wearing cute dresses with tights and ankle boots. I much prefer this to getting my legs out. 

Autumn/Winter Holidays
Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas, New Year. Yes, i know some of these fall into the 'Winter' category but it's the thought about them that excites me. Thinking about all the exciting holidays to come and making plans. 

Autumn brings colder weather and with that brings my absolute craving for comfort food. Dishes like shepherds pie, lasagne, chilli - stuff to keep you warm and full - are my favourite dishes to make when it gets to autumn. Summer feels far too hot to eat dishes like this and it really does make you feel all warm and cosy inside eating these. 

I know people hate rain, snow, wind and the general cold but i love it. Give me a rainy day any day and i'll be happy. It's a feeling i get when i get in from the rain and i can hear it on the windows outside. I love the colour of the sky just before it rains or snows and i'm happy i'm not melting from the outside in and that the sunshine has gone in for a while. 

& last, but definitely not least...

Comfy PJ's! 
I can go to bed wearing huge fluffy pj bottoms tucked into fluffy socks. A fluffy pj top that pretty much drowns me and cover myself in the duvet and be all snug. My mum calls these pj's her 'fluffies' and i love it. It's almost time to go shopping for some new fluffies!

My list is far from complete as there is so much i could write about the season and this time of year but these are my top favourites about Autumn (and Winter because i can't stop myself from writing about it!).



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