13 September 2015

Weekly Catch Up With Beverbeeee... 13/9/15

Hello lovely readers! I've been thinking about doing a Sunday post that i can post every week and i've decided i'll do a catch up with me post so i can tell you all the exciting and really non exciting things i've been up to that week. I feel like it's another opportunity to get to know me and at some point in the future, i may ask some of my lovely fellow bloggers what they have been up to one week and do a feature. Fun times! So what have i been up to this week? Read on to find out...

Owain's friend Tom had been up for the weekend and fell ill on the Saturday night, bad times. Sunday was spent being quiet and relaxing except i had to force myself to go to Hobby-craft to buy some butterfly themed things as work were doing something all week and that was what i was assigned too. After returning home i jumped in the bath and relaxed. So nice to be in warm water and if any of you know me, you'll know i love me a good bath. One face mask and a hair treatment later and i was in my pj's albeit not feeling that great. 

Monday, I woke up ill. Thanks Tom. It was horrific. Feeling so sick and just plan old awful. I spent the day watching CSI: New York in bed and eventually fell asleep around 4pm (please note, i cannot fall asleep during the day / if its light / if there's any noise so i definitely was ill). Owain woke me around 7pm when he came home from work and the rest of the night is a blur of sleep. Tuesday, Still ill. Slept until gone midday. Strange strange sleeping patterns when i'm ill. This was pretty much my day. 

Wednesday, I felt a little better but still not great. Owain then was ill. MUHAHAHA. Then the upstairs flat decided to go out and leave their leaky sink to flood our flat. 3 hours later and both of us not feeling great, it was sorted but it's just awful to have to deal with when you're unwell. The spare room has water damage and we can't turn the bathroom light on because we're to scared as the water was running from the fitting. 

The rest of the week was as usual, back to work on Thursday and then i only had Friday to contend with until the weekend! Although i was only at work for 2 days, the week still felt so long with being ill and i forget how draining it is when you don't feel well. 

This weekend i've just been revising for my university exam which is on Thursday, EEK! I'm not planning on being anywhere interesting so i'm giving my face a rest from makeup and my hair a rest from heat. I'm trying to be good people whilst also eating copious amounts of takeaway and spending far too long lying in bed!

How did your week go?



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