01 September 2015

Travel Diary: London

This Bank Holiday weekend, me and Owain decided we would travel down to London to make a weekend of it. Owain's friend Tom lives in London so we made plans to meet up with him and we also booked to see a new show, Heartbreak Hotel. Which is an immersive theatre performance set in a  makeshift hotel on the Thames near North Greenwich. I'd originally booked tickets to see this which is why we headed down to London but we decided to make a full weekend of it rather than just going for the night. 

We arrived on the Friday night and had a quick welcome drink in the bar at St Pancras which we ALWAYS end up in. The Betjamin Arms is located in the corner on the top floor of St Pancras International and has an inside and outside bar area. It also serves food and just had a great atmosphere at any time of the day. The staff are so friendly and it's always my go to place for when we have a wait for a train or we've just arrived. 

We stayed in a Travelodge as it was the cheapest we could find for bank holiday weekend and if i'm honest, it was only for sleeping but with a Travelodge you know what you're getting and it has everything you need; hairdryer, tv, bed, shower etc. 

On Saturday we met up with Tom and walked down to Old Street to have a coffee at the Shoreditch Grind which is a cute coffee shop on the corner across from Old Street Underground station. We grabbed a quick coffee here and sat in the sunshine before heading to find breakfast. 

We stopped off in a pub across from Gloucester Road Underground station and ordered a full english. Tom had been talking about breakfast all morning so naturally i was so hungry. It was lovely and so satisfying. We chatted for a while and then went in search of something to pass the time when we stumbled on the Natural History Museum (after Owain's huge detour around Kensington). I've been to the museum when i was younger but it was almost 10 years ago so i was excited to visit again. The museum is free but a donation is welcome to keep the museum going which seems only fair. 

We wandered around and i saw some familiar sites which i remember seeing last time i was there and took some wonderful pictures;

I won't put anymore photos on as i don't want to spoil the wonders of this museum but look out for the dinosaur room and the giant blue whale! They are amazing!

After this we headed for coffee (again, i know we're terrible) and ended up nowhere other than Pret. Owain loves Pret so it was only fair we visited at least once while we were there. After a quick coffee, we made out way back to the hotel to freshen up and headed towards North Greenwich to find The Jetty for the performance of Heartbreak Hotel. I'd never been to North Greenwich before and i did not even realise this was home to the 02 and the Emirates Sky Ride. I had so much fun taking pictures and we wandered around the 02 to see what it had to offer as i'd never visited when it was first built. 

After a quick walk we found direction to The Jetty and started to make our way to the evenings entertainment. When we reached The Jetty we checked in and was given name tags - this is so the actors can interact with you, Owain's idea of hell, but i managed to get him to go see it anyway! There's time to enjoy a drink at the bar before the performance starts and you can take your drink around with you so no need to worry about drinking up quickly. 

We were split into two groups and taken into different rooms where parts of the performance begins. The premise of this is that you are taken around hotel rooms and meet the guests and they tell you a little about there story. It's only a sample of what they do but i really enjoyed it. A different story in each room and you are never bored. It lasts for around 45 minutes and tickets are approximately £10.00 and they are showing all the way up until the end of September 2015. I would definitely see more of this if i had the chance. 

I love that everyone stuck there name tags to the back of the toilet doors, i loved looking at all the unique names!

After this i had been admiring the Emirates Sky Ride and so Owain agreed to go on it with me. Now i must say, i'm deathly afraid of heights and i forced myself to go on or i would end up regretting it. I was okay until the ride actually left the floor and i panicked. I wouldn't allow Owain to let go of me and when he wanted to take pictures i shouted at him not to move an inch. Im such an awesome girlfriend. Anyway, we got halfway and i decided i was more okay with the height and took a few photos. As it was dark and the flash would make no difference, the pictures are not the best but still, i love them and the view? My God, the view!

After this, we made our way to London Bridge and walked along the Thames towards Tower Bridge and made out way to the Horniman at Hays and had some food. Fish and Chips and Steak as we usually do, it's a tradition of eating here as we have done it every time me and Owain have been to London together. We love it. Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel as we were so tired and had an early morning the next day. 

Sunday morning, we woke, packed and went to Islington to meet Tom and Suzie for breakfast. We ended up at a Crêpe places where EVERYTHING was served in a Crêpe. Full english? In a Crêpe. Eggs Benedict? In a Crêpe. I chose a banana and Nutella crêpe and it was divine. No pictures because as soon as it was put in front of me, i devoured it. Sorry guys. After this we headed towards the Canal and grabbed a juice each and had a little sit down. 

Once we had drank our juice, me and Owain headed towards St Pancras for our train home. Such a good weekend. We left bank holiday Monday to ourselves to we could be lazy and Tom is coming down shortly for beach times and more breakfast!

I love visiting London, there's just something about it. A busy City with lots to keep you occupied. Saying that, i'd happily just eat Crêpes all day long. 



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