24 September 2015

The Body Shop: Seaweed Mattifying Skincare Range

Apologies in advance for this negative post. Usually, i adore The Body Shop's products. The smell, the amazing way they make my skin feel... I could go on... 

I suffer from oily skin and while browsing The Body Shop, i was met with this range. The Seaweed Mattifying skincare range. 'WOW 'i thought, 'something made to stop oily skin and there's a whole range i could completely change my skincare routine with!' I bought the cleanser and the moisturiser at first and the other's soon followed in my quest for matte skin instead of the oil slick i usually have by midday. Here's how i got on with each product - & i'm sorry in advance, the verdict is not good.

Seaweed Cleanser;

Now, this was the first thing i picked up. I figured once i'd cleansed my face it would get rid of all the grime and at the same time, any oil on my skin. I wasn't wrong, the cleanser did remove every last bit of makeup and dirt that was on my face but i really didn't see any change in my oily skin. Maybe i just had to keep using it however, after several weeks, there was still no change so i decided maybe i needed to try a few other products to help with my oily skin, cue the day cream.

Seaweed Day Cream;

I've heard so many different ideas about what you should do with oily skin and i have no idea what's right or what's wrong. I decided a mattifying day cream would help my skin stay matte and my make up stay intact. I let the cream soak in while i make myself a mug of tea in the mornings and then apply primer and make up as normal. Throughout the day my skin seemed to get more oily. I figured the same as the cleanser that i would need to continue to use it so i did. Only for my skin to become more oily throughout the day. Strange right?

To try and combat the increased oiliness i was experiencing, i went back to The Body Shop to browse some more products from this range. At this time, my brain was saying 'if i have the whole range and use it all everyday, surely it would improve the oil? Maybe it's the fact i'm using other products with them'. So, here is what else i bought...

Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash;

This is brilliant a removing make up and grime from your face. Just one wash and any trace of make up seems to be gone. I can't fault it on that. I just did not find that it helped with my oily skin in a any way. I'm still using it though when i need to remove make up and give my skin a good cleanse as this just blasts the make up away and it's not exfoliating so it's not to harsh on my skin. 

Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment;

Now, this is a night oil which you are supposed to apply after cleansing and before bed. It states it gives you all the moisture your skin needs overnight so i'm guessing this goes in place of a night cream. When i used this i found it didn't moisturise my face as much as a night cream would and actually left it feeling rather dry. I'm not sure if this is the mattifying process within it but i'd rather my skin feel plump and hydrated after a good nights sleep. I often found myself applying night cream after this which surely undermines any use of this product as a night treatment?

Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask;

This was the worst product of the lot and i am sorry for my harshness. I actually googled other reviews of this to see if anyone experienced the same as me and i can see a lot of other people did. When i used this product for the first time i made sure my skin was clear and almost dry (as i found when it was wet the mask didn't go on right) and applied a thin layer to my problem areas - T Zone, chin and nose area. After about 30 seconds it started to burn. I thought at first it was just the mask working and it would calm down shortly but it continued to burn. I washed the mask off and my face was bright red. It put me right off. Not wanting to let one bad experience put me off, i tried again, this time applying an even thinner layer to my skin. It still burnt it, albeit only a small amount this time. Realising this cant be good for your skin, i stopped using it. 

I have to say this range has really disappointed me but everyones skin is different and other's who have used this might have benefited from it and it might be their holy grail of a skincare range, so don't take my word for it - this is just my experience with the products. It hasn't put me off The Body Shop though as i still love their products!

Have you ever had a bad experience with skincare products?



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