08 September 2015

Online Beauty & Lifestyle Reads

One of my favourite things to do when i'm not either A) at work B) writing blog content or C) stalking everyone on twitter, is to read up on the latest beauty and lifestyle news. A lot of the time this is done in the bath while i relax with a face and hair mask. In fact, as i've been unwell for the past few days, this is what i will be doing shortly. Treat Yo Self and all that jazz. I thought i would share my favourite online beauty & lifestyle websites which are my go to for beauty advice and a good read at any time of the day. Have a click on each heading to browse the websites and see if you love them as much as i do!

This site is filled with the latest beauty and lifestyle posts. From fitness and health posts to beauty posts which are always up to date and filled with the latest information i know i can find what i'm looking for on Grazia. One of my favourite posts has to be the 'How to pronounce tricky names and terms' so i know if i'm ever skulking around the beauty aisles and someone approaches me, they will know i'm talking about Oribe (which is pronounced Or-Bay) and not 'Ohreeb', like i've been pronouncing it. To put it simply, this site has everything beauty related and has helped me a lot when it comes to the beauty blogging world all at the tip of your fingers meaning you can access it anywhere and anytime. 

As i follow cosmopolitan on twitter, i often see their beauty posts tweeted about and boy do they draw me in. Like Grazia, they have a place for beauty and lifestyle all in one place and they have some great posts. Recently, they've posted about the new line of lipsticks inspired by Disney princesses and quite frankly, i'm sold. I might not have noticed this post if i was not aware of their website as it includes so much more than their magazine and who wants to wait for their fix of beauty when it can be found on the all knowing internet?

Glamour also has an online presence but - and here's a secret - i much prefer the magazine. I'm not sure the website is that easy to follow or find posts but it still does it's job. I do love the content of the online posts but i feel Grazia and Cosmopolitan do it better online. Even so, when i can't find what i'm looking for on any of the above sites, i'll head on over to Glamour to see what i can find to read. 

Okay, Okay, so it's not exactly a beauty 'read' but hell i can hold my hands up and say i've spent most of my time browsing through the make up and hair looks on Pinterest and following the links for a good nosey. Most of my hair inspiration has come from Pinterest and i need to start using it more rather than just stalking those who do use it often! 

What sites are your go to sites for beauty and lifestyle reads?


*In collaboration with Grazia Beauty


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