22 September 2015

Ojon Restorative Damage Repair Haircare

Recently, i decided to go on a huge haircare product splurge and after a good amount of time stalking the Ojon and Bumble & Bumble stands i saw that Ojon Shampoo and Conditioner was on offer. While usually around £23.00 each, it was buy the shampoo and get the conditioner free. So, that was pretty great right?

After years of dying and bleaching my hair it needed a big cut and a lot of TLC. I chopped around 2 inches off my hair, which is a lot when your hair in shoulder length and ends up chin length. I stopped using as much heat and let my hair dry naturally while giving it some restorative nourishment with this combination. 

Now, let me say, they're not the best smelling hair products in the world and i'm not constantly wafting my hair so i can get a wave of the smell. It's very bland and earthy - not fruity or sweet or anything at all really but the smell is not what i'm interested in here (but it is a bonus if it smells great!). 

The shampoo made a lather pretty easily and you don't need much of the product to do that. On rinsing my hair didn't feel that great and a bit dry if i'm honest. Cue the conditioner and it sorted that right out. My hair felt silky and soft and very very moisturised. Hallelujah! After conditioning i could feel a difference straight away. My hair felt amazing, even when wet. I let my hair dry naturally and it still felt great. So smooth and soft that i spent all of the next day stroking it and running it between my fingers. Bad i know, but the softness though! I'm guessing it's the Ojon Oil which gives it that silky feeling. 

Now, i love this hair combo but for the price, i'm not convinced that i would buy it again unless it is on offer. I've had shampoo's on the past that have made my hair soft and smooth, albeit not as much as this product but you get my drift - you can get pretty much the same thing from other brands for a third of the price. I do recommend this is you're wanting to completely detox your hair from damage, although not reversible, you can help nourish your hair by using the right products (and less heat!)

You can have a browse of the Ojon range here on the Boots website - they usually have deals on and the great thing is, you can still collect those points and treat yo self! 

Have you used this before & did you love it?



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