27 September 2015

Catch up with Beverbeeee - 27/9/15

Has it really been another week already since my last catch up post? I honestly think it's gone so fast, even though whilst at work i definitely thought the week was dragging - as you do. 

This week has not been that exciting. I'm away with work for the next two weeks starting tomorrow so i've been busy making sure i have enough clothes to last me, packing my suitcase and having a nice relaxing weekend before i'm living in a premier inn for the week. Owain went to visit his friends for a night out on Saturday so i used that time to give myself a good pampering - more on that during the week so look out for that post! I've also watched the Formula 1 as usual and i'm realising it's coming close to the end of the season and i'm not sure what i'm going to do with myself.... Netflix perhaps?

During the working week i wasn't sleeping well and it made me so so so tired at work. Thursday night i came home from work and was so tired i could barely sit upright. I was so happy when i finally rolled into bed,  watched First Dates and then snuggled up in my duvet and drifted off. Oooo to not have had to work the next day would have been the dream, but at least it was Friday. 

We got the boiler sorted! Such a grown up thing to say but our water in the shower goes hot then cold then hot then cold and for the longest time we had to put up with it and shut up but the boiler man fixed it and he is my hero right now. Except, i haven't had a shower for ages (i bath people, i'm not disgusting). 

I'm feeling a hair inspired post soon as i've made so many changes to my hair since i started this blog it's hard to keep up & it's only been a month since i moved it over to blogger from wordpress. The dark brown i had put on it (which went to dark for a pale 'un like me) has faded and left me with a sort of light brown with a warm tone to it. I missed my slightly ombré look i used to have so i've been trying to bring that back and i think i've almost got my hair to how i want it - more on that later, again look out for that post!

Sent off for my provisional license because i've been putting it off for too long and if you're reading this, i need all the moral support i can get. I'll keep you updated on that journey too, after all i'm nearly 25 and if my brother can do it then so can i!

I hope your week was more fun filled than mine!



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