20 September 2015

Catch Up With Beverbeeee - 20/9/15

I can't believe it's been a whole week already since my last 'Catch Up' post! It feels like it's only been days! This week has been a mixture of stressful and relaxing and i'm loving being able to sit down and write it all out - i't's like a form of stress relief, i love it.

This week started off at work. Monday & Tuesday i was working and i didn't really have much time to do anything in between working and revising for my end of module exam for my Open University course. So Monday and Tuesday night were spent reading books and writing down important information. So tiring and boring but it had to be done.

Wednesday was the first day of my 5 days off work and Owain was doing a charity bike ride for work so i had the flat to myself for a day. I wrote out a mock exam answer and then decided that was enough and had a relaxing afternoon watching vlogs - i'm currently addicted to Estée La Londé and Hannah Michalak - apologies if my spelling is all over the place.

Thursday ticked around so fast and it was exam day! I did a bit of last minute revision and then headed over to the exam centre. 3 hours & 13 and a half pages of writing later i was free. I wasn't sure if i'd wrote what i needed to and even now, i still think i'm going to fail but only time will tell. I'll find out my results by the end of October. Scary Times. Me and Owain went for a meal at Zizzi's in the evening as a 'i've finished my second university module' celebration. I ate a lot of seafood. It was great.

Friday was spent drinking coffee from our local coffee shop, The Grind and writing blog posts, taking photos and getting all excited about the post arriving. So many boxes, so little time. I always forget things i order so when they turn up it's such a good surprise!

Saturday i stayed in my PJ's ALL DAY - yeah i know right, i'm just that cool - and watched the Formula 1 qualifying, rooting for Daniel Ricciardo as always. There's just something about him. he's always smiling and always completely willing to do interviews with a smile on his face, even after a bad race. Very different to some of the tantrum faces you see on those who don't do as well as they hoped and say all of 2 words during an interview. I spent my day make up free and let me hair just go anywhere it wanted to really. I looked super cute. Honest.

Sunday brings cleaning the flat / washing clothes for work because being a grown up means you've got to do all this for yourself. It's okay though because i do feel the stress of my university work has been lifted and now i have all this free time after work and at the weekend where i don't have to revise. It's terribly strange and will take some getting used to after 7 months studying almost everyday!

How has your week been?



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