30 September 2015


So, as it's my 25th Birthday in October, i wanted to do something on my blog to mark this occasion. No longer will i be able to get away with saying i'm in my early twenties but i will officially be mid twenties. I know that's not old, but i'm 5ft and i look like a child so to me, it feels hella weird!

So, i'm aiming to blog everyday in October for Blogtober so all my posts will have this in the title at least somewhere! 

Owain keeps hinting at birthday presents but i honestly don't have a clue. He ruined one of my hair grips - actually, my last hair grip!! - and told me it was in the name of my birthday present. In short, i'm confused and have no idea. I also hate surprises so this could be interesting! I promise i will let you know what it is when i have it - unless it's too traumatising and awful then i might keep that to myself. 

So i hope you enjoy Blogtober in the run up to my birthday! I'll still have my weekly Catch ups on Sunday's and during the week i'll have a mixture of lifestyle and beauty posts! 


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