15 September 2015

Beauty: Room 101

There are many things beauty related that i cannot stand and i'm sure i'm not the only one out there who has these little beauty niggles. Throughout the summer i've seen lots of little things i've come to dislike and so i figured why not share them with you guys. I don't want this to come across as offensive to anyone if you do something that i don't like as everyone is different but these are just some things i wouldn't miss if they suddenly stopped being 'trendy' and current. 

Having Nike ticks for eyebrows

Oh lord no. Eyebrows are meant to frame your face and give you expression. There is no need to colour them in jet black and all blocked out for them to stand out. Think natural. You can do bold, just make sure they actually look like your eyebrows. Get it?

Over straightening your hair

I used to be guilty of doing this. I though straightened hair had to be poker straight with the straighteners steaming as they go. How wrong i was. Turning the heat down on your straighteners leaves your hair straight but also less...frazzled. To see girls with lovely long hair but half of it snapped off and sticking out everywhere creating a mullet look is just not right. 

Orange face, pale neck

Not matching your foundation is a massive issue for me. Yes, you want full coverage but no you do not need to buy a foundation 10 shades too dark for you to do this. Buy the right shade, build it up. Hell even get the full coverage shade. As long as you don't end up looking like Neil from The Inbetweeners when he fake tans JUST his face, then we're all good. 

Foundation lips

I honestly just don't get it. Who wants to cover up their lips? What? Just no. 

Any pet peeves about beauty you want to share?



  1. Great pet peaves! one of my makeup pet peaves would have to be when someone applies mascara but dont bother to go right from the roots and only coat the tips of the lashes.. whats the point in that!? and also "highlighter pink" blusher!!

  2. haha neon pink circles on your cheeks and a pale white face. lovely! :) thanks for reading! xoxo


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