03 September 2015

Baker Days: LetterBox Cake

*This post contains gifted items.

When i was contacted by Baker Days about their letterbox cake and whether i would like to try it, two things went through my mind. 1) OMG CAKE 2) OMG THROUGH MY LETTER BOX?! I did not even have to move to collect it. 

Last weekend i was just slowly waking up when there was something put through my letterbox. It sounded big and heavy and i couldn't remember ordering anything. When i opened it, this lovely cute 'Just for you' tin came out surrounded by birthday essentials like a card, balloons, candles and those party whistles (i have no idea if that's what they're called but for now, lets go with it!). I was so excited. The cake itself is around 5 inches but it's enough for a small get together or for you to eat all to yourself!

Now, morning is not really the time for cake but who cares? I opened the tin to see this staring back at me. Let me explain firstly - When they contacted me they asked what design i would like or whether i wanted to send them a design. Me being me, didn't really know. Im so indecisive and not wanting to keep them waiting, i told them to surprise me. To use a design they wanted to promote. When i opened the tin, this is what they had done;

They had taken my old blog header and made a design from it, with honeycomb because my name contains 'Bee'. I thought this was amazing and so thoughtful of them. I was impressed. The only issue i had was that as they had taken the header from my blog, it wasn't quite the resolution fit for the cake so it's slightly blurry but that's my fault for not giving them a design. The other designs they do look divine! The cake itself is covered in icing and a good size considering it was posted through my letterbox. It wasn't broken or damaged and it had a use by date on the bottom of it. Essential with having edible things posted, so you know you're not going to get ill from eating it!

When i cut into the cake, it was a very moist and amazing chocolate cake. I was not expecting that! I expected a Victoria sponge or something along those lines but this was beautiful. Not dry as though it had been left for a while in a tin, but creamy and moist and just so nice to eat. 

It didn't take long to arrive in the post, only a few days which is the same for anything that's posted these days. The quality of the cake considering its made to fit through the letterbox is great and more than i ever expected. They have a huge range of designs for every occasion over at their website, Baker Days or you can give them a design of your own, whether it's a family photo or something embarrassing for your friend! 

The letterbox cakes are around £14.99 to buy and there are options so you can have Dairy Free cake, Gluten Free cake and even upgrade to chocolate cake made with Belgian Chocolate! NOM. They do other cakes such as Small Party Cakes, Medium and Large Party Cakes too. So why stop at just those you can get delivered? Although it is pretty amazing!

Would you LOVE to get cake delivered? This will be my new go to present for friends and family to surprise them from afar! It's great if you don't live close but still want to send them cake! 



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