29 August 2015

Topshop: Glow & Brighten

Topshop beauty was a recent revelation for me. I always thought of high street shops like Topshop, New Look, H&M etc as purely for clothing and accessories until each one started to launch more and more beauty products. I've already raved previously about the matte nail polish Topshop sells, i just can't get enough of the colours and i can never choose which one to buy next. I was always interested in their highlighters and whether they were any good for my skin tone.

Now i'm fairly pale and when i say fairly pale i mean, as white as snow. It's always tricky to find make up such as foundation and concealer to match my face. Now, the brighten stick is a brush on brightening (shall i say liquid?) concealer. Think of it as Topshop's answer to the Yves Saint Laurent Touché Eclait but with a Topshop price. This is really all that comes to mind when i think of this product. It brushes on and you can blend it to create a brightening effect. The brush is small and easy to use in the tricky areas such as under your eyes.

I expected this to be like a highlighter in a brush on stick but with my skin tone, this didn't happen for me. I would have liked it to be more fair and less orange-y looking but that might just be how it looks against my skin tone. Apart from the fact they don't do one of these pale enough for me, everything else about it is great! 

Now, the Glow. Man oh man oh man. This is amazing. It's like a little pot of creamy highlight heaven. Simply pop a little dab on where you want to highlight and blend. I do find because of my oily skin, the creamy texture sometimes leaves me feeling a little too greasy but the colour and highlight it gives is gorgeous. Perfect for fair skin tones and great for giving yourself a dewy look. 

Also the packaging! Look how super cute the packaging is! I'll definitely be purchasing more of the Topshop beauty range - do you have any suggestions?



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  1. I have yet to try out top shop beauty stuff, seen alot of people talk about their range!
    Tasha Rose Beauty


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