27 August 2015

The Body Shop: Elderflower Eye Gel

 I love The Body Shop. It's true, i mean - who doesn't? Full of skincare and makeup products that have the best smells and packaging i've seen! One of my favourite perfumes came from The Body Shop but i'm not sure they sell it anymore. Sadface.

I picked up this little beauty as a free gift when i signed up to the rewards card and made my first purchase. This is a clear, unperfumed eye gel which you can apply morning and night to give your eyes some hydration. 

I've never been someone who feels the need to purchase eye cream or eye gel as it's usually something i would associate with anti ageing but i've come to realise that simply cleansing and moisturising the eye area is not enough. Countless times i've put my foundation on to see the area around my eyes is dry or looks sunken and not plump like the rest of my skin. Drinking water helps with hydration but since using this eye gel, i've noticed a great difference in how the skin around my eyes looks. The fact it is unperfumed as well is great as no one wants to risk putting perfumed gel near to their eyes. 

In terms of anti ageing, the prevention is better than the cure as they say and plump, hydrated skin will mean less wrinkles, leaving your skin looking youthful and refreshed. So, this little tub of gel might be small but it's definitely mighty. 

Do you use an eye cream or gel?



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