17 August 2015

Rimmel London: Lipstick Haul

I used to be a huge lipstick lover but lately, i've not been wearing it. I'm trying to change this. When my hair was dark brown, any bright pink went great against the dark contrast of my hair but lately, as it's been light brown - i can't seem to find any colour that will suit me so i figured i'd buy a bunch and hope for the best. 

I went on a shopping haul the other day and Amazzable kindly pointed me in the direction of Rimmel Lipsticks as they do a great nude collection. I wasn't disappointed. There was every colour under the sun but - note to self - do not go make up shopping after you've already bought a ton of clothes and have to carry them around with you. It's just not practical. This happened to me and i ended up buying the 4 lipsticks above, all from Rimmel.

From a bright pink to a deep nude, i love each and every one of these colours. They enhance my natural lip colour as well as going great with my hair colour and skin tone. I could gladly go back and purchase more (watch this space!). They glide on and although they don't have amazing stay power, reapplying throughout the day isn't something that annoys me so i'm all set. The quality is great and they are totally affordable.

These colours are great for every season and i can definitely see me continuing to wear them as the seasons change. Who knows, by next season i may have purchased all the colours in the range as i honestly can't get enough of them at the moment.

You can pick these up in any Boots or Superdrug and even in Tesco as they usually have a Rimmel Collection stand (mine does anyway, this is bad for my bank account). Usually around £5/£6 for a lipstick it won't break the bank but it's definitely got the quality there.

Are you a lipstick fiend like myself recently? What's your favourite lipstick to wear and why?




  1. All these colours look lovely! My favourite is shade is my MAC Creme Cup. IT the perfect shade for me to wear everyday - I even wore it on my wedding day!

    Roxie x

    1. I need to get me a MAC lipstick one day! Not just yet though, i'm trying to save a bit of money!



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