15 August 2015

OGX: Argan Oil of Morocco

This little item of hair care is a god send. I first picked it up when browsing through boots - a girl can never have too many hair products and i had previously used the OGX hair range and absolutely loved them! I decided to try this penetrating hair oil as many of you may know from my previous posts, my hair has been dyed more times than i care to remember and needs a lot of TLC! 

This beauty is full of argan oil of Morocco which creates soft, smooth and frizz free hair. I apply after i've washed and conditioned my hair and it's dried a little. If i apply it while my hair is soaking wet i find that it just slides off and doesn't have time to soak into the hair. 

At first, when i applied it, i thought it would dry on my hair and make it greasy but once your hair is dry (either blow dried or air dried) it isn't greasy at all (disclaimer: it might be if you overload your hair, but i only tend to apply a small amount to my ends). Since using this oil, my hair feels smoother and less damaged which is always a bonus. Plus, it smells amazing! 

You can pick this up from Boots for around £7.35 (have a browse here) and i always buy from Boots as i love collecting the points! Have you tried this or any other oil in the OGX range? Let me know in the comments below!




  1. Hey Bev, are you sure this brand actually has pure argan oil, I remember using this one and I wasn't that happy about it. I remembering reading the ingredients and thought it didn't really include what it's supposed too...Anyway, after using the above (which I didn't think did much to my hair), I went for the one and only brand. It's good and I'd recommend you try too. I've written a little bit bout it here - http://labeaute.org/pure-argan-oil-for-hair/

  2. In fact, Moroccan women, especially the Berbers who live in this region, have been using argan oil for their skin, hair and nails for hundreds of years. argan cheveux


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