21 August 2015

Make Up Revolution: Blush, Bronze & Highlight Palette

So i did it. I went and bought my first every purchase from make up revolution. I was wandering around superdrug checking out lipsticks when i turned to make my way to pay but then something caught my eye. I've been seeing and reading all sorts of great reviews about Make Up Revolution. Some great, some not so great. I've heard everything from 'it's the best make up brand in the world' to 'it's a total rip off of the bigger make up brands'. Now being as curious as i am, i wanted to try at least something from their range, so i could make up my own mind. 

For ages i've been moaning that i don't know how to contour and that i don't know what sort of colours to buy etc etc. So when i saw this and that it was for pale skin, i thought why not! This is the Blush, Bronze and Highlight Palette which you can buy for £4. £4?! if this little palette is as good as everyone says it is, i might be on to a winner here. 

So i sat myself down in front of my mirror at home and proceeded to 'try' and contour my face. I used the bronze section of the palette but found that it didn't suit my skin tone and that it didn't really blend into my cheek. It also has a bit of shimmer in it which for a bronzer for contouring, i don't like. I like contouring to be matte and the highlight to be a little shimmery. So far, not so great. 

The highlight was perfect but use to much and you end up with a glittering shimmering patch of make up on your face. Applied with a small fan brush this gives the perfect amount of shimmer but a little definitely goes a long way. I would say this shade was perfect for my pale skin, just giving it a lovely glow effect. So, the palette is starting to redeem itself. 

The blush was too much. Far far too much. Too pink, too shimmery and when it made contact with my cheek it just sat there in a pool of pink shimmering misery. It seemed to radiate off my face, but not in a good way. I don't understand why pale palettes always have a bright pink blush in them. Surely us pale girls are also partial to a soft peach of pink blush? This just remind me of when i was around 10 and i used to steal my mums make up and thought bright pink circles on my cheeks were the way to go. Wrong. 

As you can see above, the contour is too dark, the blush is too pink for me but the highlight just blends onto my skin. So, this palette i will use for the highlight but i'm unsure whether either the bronze or blush will get any more use. If you want to check out the rest of the line of products then you can have a nosey on their website here - like i'm currently doing to try and find anything else i think would be great to try out. Any suggestions? Let me know below! Have you tried something you loved or something you hated from Make up Revolution?


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