31 August 2015

Hey It's Okay: To Stay in at the Weekend

Yeah... So i'm almost 25 and i am a home person. While those in their early - mid 20's are wandering the streets, crawling out of bars on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and hell even Tuesday nights i'm sat at home having THE TIME OF MY LIFE. Give me a cup of tea and a hot bath followed by snuggles with my duvet and the 100th showing of Love, Actually.

Rewind back to when i was 18 and i could finally drink legally; i was out at all hours, organising trips to the pub, the last one left on the dance floor and definitely did not want the night to end. If you'd have told me then that by 25 i would enjoy staying in more than going out i would have laughed in your face.

When i look at pictures from my days out on the town, i cringe. Why am i all sweaty? Why is my dress THAT short? What is even happening with my make up? Growing up and moving to a city i've learnt that it's not all about how much make up you wear out or how short your dress it. It's who you're with that counts. Going out for drinks now is either for a special occasion 'lets go mental night and vomit on myself' night (oh yeah, that happened) but that's only every so often or a few quiet drinks at a local bar. It's mainly the latter.

Casual dress, a few cocktails, maybe a bit of food. That's my idea of a night out and jesus i sound so grown up but ultimately, it's okay if you don't even want to do that. Staying in costs less, you don't even have to wear a tiny bit of make up and you can binge watch your favourite series on Netflix because lets face it - Crazy Eyes is so much more entertaining than some guy in a bar trying out his best chat up lines.

So don't be down if you're a home at the weekend hibernating kind of person, i am too & It's okay!

*Also, yes i took that picture. Im so proud*



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