23 August 2015

Hey It's Okay: To Be Insecure

I am terribly insecure. There i said it. Sometimes it gets to bad i refuse to leave my flat. Like the other day, i had planned to go to the cinema. I got ready, started to do my make and it just wouldn't go right. I felt ugly, i hated my skin. I ended up cancelling and staying in. The next day i was fine.

I also have cellulite. Ugh, get it all out there Bev! I'm a tiny person; petite, slim and people often tell me they wish they were as small as me. But small doesn't always mean fit and healthy or no cellulite. small doesn't always mean better.

I'm as pale as snow. Thanks mum and dad! Whenever i use fake tan, i look like i split spag bol down myself and decided to smear it in and wear it out for the day. So summer is a pain for me. Beach holidays are worse, especially as i have yet to find someone who doesn't tan like me. Owain doesn't count, he don't wear no bikini on the beach!

I think my forehead is massive. Cue fringe, no i hate the fringe, grow it out, omg my forehead, cut fringe again. It's an endless vicious cycle and one which i'll probably never be happy with, despite everyone i know saying i look nice with a fringe and not to change it.

I'm really small. Sometimes, when ordering drinks from really tall bars, this gets me down. I see girls with their long (and tanned) legs out and i think - why can't i be that tall? I wouldn't always get people asking me how old i am, or being asked on the bus if i'm older than 14 as they were going to charge me for a child.

But then i realise, that tall, tanned, cellulite-less, goddess with perfect features and skin to die for probably looks at somebody else and thinks - damn i wish i was like them. So the endless cycle begins. Wy shouldn't i love my small, pale and large forehead look. Maybe other's look at me and wish they had my snow white skin or little legs.

So, i've realised it's okay to be insecure as i don't think i know a single person who isn't and you shouldn't be either. Rock everything you are and make the things you're insecure about something to shout about.


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