24 June 2017

Laser Tattoo Removal: The First Session

I've had this tattoo since i was 18. Young, stupid and with £25 in my pocket i wandered into a tattoo shop and picked the cheapest one. I was so excited, except two weeks after; i hated it. I hated it with a passion. It's true what they say kids, think about the tattoo's you are getting and don't do a Bev and act on impulse. 

It's taken me 8 years to work up the courage to look at getting it removed. It's on the side of my right hand, so i often forgot it was there, until i met people and they stared at it or asked questions. I decided now was the time to take the plunge and book my first appointment. 

I contacted Good Vibrations tattoo studio in Sheffield and had a consultation that same week. As it's on the side of my hand, they recommended having one session every 2 months to give time for the skin to heal. They explained that the laser breaks up the ink under the skin and then it's up to your immune system to get rid of it. This is why they can't tell you exactly how many sessions you need as they can never tell how your body will react to it. I had a patch test that day and off i went. It's £25 for each session i have, which is a lot less than i thought i would be paying.

How does it feel?....

It feels like a very very strong and sharp electric shock on your skin. The patch test wasn't so bad as i only had about 5 shots however, my first whole session the pain is so much more intense when they continue. Once it was finished, it felt like i had burnt my hand on the oven. A kind of sore burn feel. The side of my hand swelled up and you could see all the little water dots under my skin from where the laser hit. 

Fast forward a couple of hours and my hand was so swollen the tattoo looks blurred. I applied a cold compress as advised to reduce the swelling and applied aloe vera gel to help with the healing process of the skin. 

A couple of days later, my skin started to blister on parts of the tattoo which eventually burst. They confirmed this was completely normal and the blisters meant the skin was healing itself. 

Currently, the skin is itchy and still broken where it's blistered. I'm still applying aloe vera gel and wearing a plaster where new blisters form so it doesn't get infected but i can really tell it's faded already. The patch test area has already faded a lot and i can't wait to watch it's progress between now and my next appointment. 

Straight After

Two Hours After 

Two Days Later

One Week Later

Next update coming August 2017 after my next appointment!



20 June 2017

Pact Coffee: Where have you bean all my life?

The title was brought to you by one of the best friends ever. I can't claim that as my own, but it makes me smile so much whenever i read it. He's pretty great.

He's also the one who got me addicted to having my coffee delivered to me via Pact coffee. Pact let you pick a coffee which is freshly roasted and delivered straight to your door. You choose the coffee, the frequency of the delivery and how the coffee arrives. You can have it ground or whole bean so you can grind it yourself. I am very lazy, so i always get mine ground for me. They trade with farmers all over the world and ensure they get a fair price for their coffee, so its a win win for everyone. 

There are so many different types of coffee you can choose from and they are always changing. I'm currently drinking a coffee called Planalto which is grown in Brazil and has hints of malted milk chocolate shake. It's super smooth and really yummy. I've got a coffee with hints of peaches and cream to try after this one too and the previous one had hints of cherry. Lots of coffee i wouldn't have ever thought to try before but i'm so glad i have. 

You can use this coffee in all types of coffee makers; aeropress, cafetiere, drip machine, espresso machine & stovetop. If you opt for whole bean you can grind them to the consistency that you like. I however, having my beans ground for me only use them in a drip machine. I even bought one that you can use for individual mugs. Safe to say, i'm addicted. It's so much easier than brewing a whole pot just for one drink and it's super easy to use. Just put it over the mug, put a filter in, load up with coffee and pour hot water over. Simple. 

I love having a nosey around their website, looking for new coffee to try or new gadgets i could purchase. Have a look for yourself here!

The order is £6.95 a time but if you refer a friend who signs up you both get £5 off your first order! You can choose whether its weekly, fortnightly or even monthly so if you need to keep costs down you can! Try my code of BEVERLE-5F62AD if you want a cheeky £5 off your first order!



01 June 2017

Let's Walk All Over Cancer This June!

It's a known fact that i am rubbish with anything fitness related these days. I'd much rather lay in bed all hours of the day than get up and go for a walk but 2017 is my year of change and what better way than to start halfway through the year right?..... 

I recently came across a Cancer Research fundraiser where you walk 10,000 steps everyday in June. I can start my fitness journey as well as raising money for such a good cause. I'm sure like myself, most of us have been affected by cancer in some way, whether it's a friend, family or even yourself.

The funds raised will go towards research into over 200 different types of cancer and you can raise them by walking, running, jogging - anything you can do to get your steps up. I've found going for a walk during lunch or after work is a great way to hit the target. I've already smashed the target today by walking & running over 12 thousand steps! 

My fundraising journey starts today and it's not to late to sign up. Every donation, no matter how small can make an amazing difference and you could help fund ground breaking research that means we can beat cancer sooner. 

You can help by donating below if you wish:- 


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