17 September 2019

Things you can do to improve your confidence!

The little alcoholic drink that seems to give me ALL my confidence! - Cheers to you!

Confidence and self-esteem are two massive aspects of an individual’s life. Without the former, people don’t really get the chance to do the things they love; they also won’t pursue certain opportunities with everything they have, trust me - i know from experience. The latter is needed in order to get through daily life – no matter how significant the tasks are. It’s pretty heart-breaking seeing somebody with all of the potential in the world not execute things as well as they can and it’s not great when a talented person stays firmly within their shell because they don’t have the bite and the belief to perform. 

If you’re struggling with your confidence levels right now, then I feel for you. Knowing that you want to do something but being a little too scared of what others think or worrying about failure isn’t something you should have to deal with. Fortunately, confidence is something we build up; we’re not born with it! Some are able to boost it within seconds; others might need a few months! If you’d like to know about a few ways you can lift that confidence up a little, then have a read of the following!

Talk More 

Social interaction is one of the best ways of boosting your confidence. It’s always one of the best ways somebody can beat social anxiety, obviously, but that’s for another time! I found mine through blogging and attending bloggers events! It doesn't take a lot to get yourself out there and the simplest of things can help at first. For instance, when you walk past someone in the street, you should just say hello or smile (i do this a lot these days, i see a lot of dog walkers!). It doesn’t have to be much, but it could do a lot. Complimenting another person also helps due to the mirroring feeling it gives you – i usually comment on other peoples instagrams or blogs!

Work Out A Little 

Exercising does a lot for one’s confidence. You can be enhanced mentally and physically, and you have to do is go outside and get a sweat on! The endorphin release and the feeling of achievement combine to make you so much more positive about yourself! Even if it's just a walk to start with or if you're a gym bunny - there's loads of exercise for everyone!

Buy A Car And Start Driving!

Driving makes such a difference to a person’s view of his or herself. When you drive, you have that freedom to go wherever you want. When i got my first car i was terrified but then i never had to rely on other people for lifts and i could go anywhere i wanted too - especially back to see my family. If you don’t drive, then the idea of doing so might be a little nerve-wracking, but you get used to it. My driving lessons were so terrifying at first but once you get going, it's like you've done it all your life! If you can already drive but don’t have a car, then your main issue is deciding when to buy something or opt for something like Vauxhall Finance for new & used cars. A car isn’t an automatic confidence-bringer, but, over time, you’ll find that you become more assured - My cars a vauxhall and i love the freedom it gives me. I also feel like an adult who has her life together a little more with a car.

Do Something Awkward Or Fearful 

A great way to build yourself up is to literally face your fears. It’s not pleasant to think about, but just remember what has happened pretty much every single time you’ve attacked a fear. You came out on the other side more knowledgeable and competent, didn’t you? Start with something small and work up to any bigger fears - driving was one for me - next stop is a 10k race when i haven't ran in over a year!

Every little step counts towards building your own confidence!



14 September 2019

Tips for choosing your first car!

Being a new driver can be a mixed bag of emotions; it’s exciting but also nerve-wracking. Buying your first car can be much the same, especially if you don’t feel like you know much about cars yet. As a first time car owner, you need something you feel comfortable, safe and confident to drive when you hit the road alone for the first time. 

Consider Buying Used
A new car loses a lot of its value as soon as you drive it away from the dealership. For every year on it’s age, the car’s value will drop more. If you sell the car on later on, you won’t make your money back. Plus, if it's your first car and you have a few bumps and scratches along the way, you won't mind as much if it's not a brand new car!

As a new driver, think seriously about saving your money and choosing a used car. A used car’s value has already dropped, so you won’t be paying that inflated new car price. Brand dealerships often have a good selection of quality used vehicles. Visit somewhere like a local Mercedes dealer to see what they have available. I found mine online and fell in love with it as soon as i saw it!

Set A Budget Before You Choose A Car
Don’t set your heart on a particular car before you’ve set a budget, in case you can’t afford it. Work out a budget before you start shopping.

When working out your budget, remember it’s not just the price of the car you need to consider. You’ll also need to budget for other costs like car insurance, fuel, repairs and upkeep.Some cars can be more expensive to insure, so make sure you keep an eye out for that. I've found that even as a 28 year old who's had her license over 2 years, i still pay a lot for insurance! If you decide to get your car on finance too, you'll need to make sure you can pay this every month as well.

You might be able to save a bit of money on your monthly car payments by paying more up front, if you can afford to. If you like a project, you might score a deal by choosing a car that needs a bit of work, especially if you have friends or family members who could help do the work for free!

Think About Your Must Haves
When choosing your first car, it can be easy to get over excited and choose something you think looks cool. Remember to think practically too, and make a list of things you car needs to have to make your life easier. 

If you’re on a tight budget, search out the best gas mileage. If you’ll be commuting, look for comfy seats and a great sound system. Love a road trip? Make sure the back is comfortable and roomy for passengers. If you live somewhere that floods or gets heavy snow, choose all wheel drive and sturdy tires. Write a list, and stick to it when you’re shopping. 

Look At Finance Options Early
Many new car buyers forget to look into the finance options first. If you’re already at the dealership with a salesman breathing down your neck and throwing numbers at you, it can be overwhelming. To avoid caving to the pressure and signing up for whatever finance option they’re offering, do your homework first. 

Do some research, by speaking to a credit union or bank about what options are available to you. Look for good rates, extended warranties and clear advice that you can understand. If you can, get pre-approved so you have a number ready to negotiate with at the car dealer. 

And then all that's left is to drive safe and enjoy your new found freedom!



11 September 2019

Running my first ever 10k!

A couple of years ago i decided to start running for exercise. I figured getting some fresh air and running around a pretty green park would be nicer in summer than spending time in a sweaty gym with no fresh air for me to breathe. What i didn't realise however, was that running is hard. I always saw people running along, not looking like they have a care in the world, making it look so easy. 

And then there was me. 

My face went bright red, i was sweaty, my breathing was so loud i swear every one within a 2 mile radius could hear it. All that and i could never get past 3k. My first ever run stopped at 0.5k and i was gutted. I used to be so fit and sporty at school and i never thought i wouldn't just be able to run and pick it up straight away again. So i ran a few days a week to get my stamina up and eventually i was able to do a 5k (it was a massive struggle and it took me a good 45/50 minutes to do a 5k but i did it... 

And then i stopped running. 

I don't know whether it was the winter coming in or living in the middle of the city centre where i had to walk for 15 minutes to get to somewhere to run and then walk back after but i just stopped. This was a year ago. So when the Sheffield Hospitals Charity said i could get a free charity place for the Sheffield 10k in September i jumped at the chance to get back into running. Not only did it give me something to aim for but i was excited about the challenge. 

And then i started my training. 

My first run i did 2k. Badly. I stopped a lot, i was tired and i could not physically push myself any further. My second run i told myself to not look at the distance or the time and just run until i was too tired to carrying on after a short walk. I then managed 3.5k. My next run was one i really pushed myself on, i decided to stay out and run/walk for an hour and see how far i got. I did 7.7k. Seeing the distance increase and being able to improve my pace really motivated me and i decided on my next session to smash out the big 10k to see what my timing was. I managed 1 hour and 8 minutes. Since then i've done 2 more 10k runs and both of them have been 1 hour and 8 minutes. All this after not being able to run past 5k a year ago. 

How did i do it?

A lot of people told me to do other exercise in between my runs to keep my stamina up but my legs hurt so much i just couldn't. So i read up on breathing techniques such as breathing using your stomach if your chest hurts and i started to experiment with that to see if it would help me get through the pain of stitch and whenever my chest hurt - and it did help. 

I switched up listening to a podcast to creating a playlist of songs that make me happy and have a good beat to them so whenever the song changed i was still motivated to keep going. 

I shared all my runs on Strava as well as facebook and sometimes Twitter too. This helps as although you might not think you have done very well on that particular run, the confidence you get when people tell you how well you've done is amazing and can motivate you to push yourself that little but further. 

Since being able to run a 10k i've been doing this distance on every running session i have (usually every 3/4 days). This is because if i start doing shorter runs, the longer ones will feel like much more hard work and i'd rather keep going for 10k to try and get use to that!

My race is on 22nd September and I'm raising money for the Sheffield Hospital Charity - If you want to donate you can here - https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/beverley-scott2 


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