20 October 2019

Laser Tattoo removal - an update

A few years ago i decided to start the process of having laser tattoo removal to remove the tattoo on the side of my hand i stupidly got when i was 18 and had £25 in my back pocket. It started with a laser session once every 2 months and my god it was painful. Like someone flicking hot oil onto your skin over and over. Then after it was finished, for 2 days after it felt like i'd burnt my hand badly on a hot oven. Not pretty and definitely something to think about if i decide to get another tattoo. It also costs more to remove than the tattoo cost to get, with every 2 month session costing me £21. If you want to read my previous 2 posts about it you can see what it looked like after my first session here and after a year of sessions here.

I had my last session in October 2018 Not because the tattoo had been removed completely, but because it had faded a lot and i couldn't actually see any improvement in the last 4 sessions i had.

So i figured it was time to update you all on where my tattoo is at now. I haven't edited any of these photos (either on my phone when i took them or on my laptop), i just made sure i was in natural light so you could see how it looks on a day to day basis;

While it has faded a lot, i still need a few more sessions to really get rid of it however, if i do decide to have more laser removal i will be looking for a different laser removal business as i don't feel going back to the same one will do anything further than it has. I've seen before and after photos of only a few sessions of tattoo removal which have been a lot more effective than mine were. For now though, this is my tattoo. 

A lot of people say they don't notice it anymore but my hand is still discoloured around it so it is still obvious to me but i can live with it!



18 October 2019

Should you consider distance learning?

Distance learning is a method of study that enables students to work remotely rather than attend face to face lessons. The number of people choosing distance learning options, such as gaining a degree with The Open University, is on the rise but is it the right option for you? 

Advantages of distance learning
There are many advantages to distance learning but the three key benefits are: 

  1. You can study from anywhere
    With distance learning, you can study from anywhere as you aren’t limited to needing to physically attend a certain university. You can study in bed in your pyjamas, or out in a cafe with a hot chocolate, or on holiday, you can literally study from anywhere.
  2. You can study around your life
    Distance learning enables people to study around their lives. Whether they have children who they need to look after, work commitments that they need to attend to or other things they need to prioritise. The flexibility of online distance learning is a common appeal to most applicants and makes education accessible even to those with other commitments.
  3. The cost of studying is often cheaper
    Distance learning is often a lot cheaper than other education options, saving you tuition costs, commuting costs and living costs. This helps to make it accessible to everyone. 

Disadvantages of distance learning

As with any type of learning, distance learning is not for everyone and some of the commonly cited disadvantages include:
  1. It requires a lot of self-motivation
    The flexibility and remote nature of distance learning can make it difficult for some people to stay motivated. Without a classroom and set learning times people can fall behind, so it’s important to recognise if you have the motivation to complete a remote learning course.
  2. It can feel isolating
    Whereas conventional universities will put you face to face with your peers on a regular basis and provide opportunities to socialise with your classmates and lecturers during trips like university trips to Washington, distance learning means spending a lot of time alone. Some people struggle to build relationships and feel isolated during distance learning.
  3. Some employers still feel online and distance learning is inferior
    Although attitudes are changing some employers still regard distance learning and online education as inferior to traditional methods. This is changing but it is still something to be aware of as you may come up against it in the future. 
Is distance learning for you?
If you’re considering distance learning then weigh up the positives and negatives of the situation carefully. What some people will see as a negative of distance learning, such as lack of peer to peer interaction, others may see as a positive and vice versa. To help you make up your mind, research the course you want to do and the provider you are thinking of using and speak with them in person, ask them every question you have to make sure you have a clear picture of what will be required of you and once you have all of the information you will be in a better place to make an informed decision. 


Simple lessons we can all learn from our Grandparents.

Sometimes we can forget that our grandparents were, a long time ago, just like us. Sometimes the infallibility of youth can get the better of us and sometimes when they try to give us some sort of advice, we dismiss it. But, if you've got grandparents around, hopefully, you treasure them. Besides, they really can teach us a lot.

You Have A Lot Of Responsibility 
It's something that we don't really think about at the very beginning of our lives, but as we get older we certainly realise how much of an impact we have on others. Because your grandparents are nearing the end of their life, they have to start putting things in place to ensure that we, as their dependents and loved ones, have the support we need. And this is something that we can very much take for granted. The fact of the matter is that they have to sort out things like funeral care, their estate, and all of those mortal issues that we won't bat an eyelid over. Unfortunately, it's one of those things that shows, when it comes to that time in their life, how important it is to have these things in place.

Your Health Is Everything 
We can take our health for granted when we’re young, because all we need to do is go to sleep, and we automatically recharge. And this is something that, as we see our grandparents battle with as they age, can make us realise that we shouldn't take it for granted. There is a lot to be said for having a little bit of exercise every day, not just because it will benefit us in the long run, but it will actually make us feel better. When you see your grandparents struggling to get out of a chair, possibly because they didn't live a very active life, this can make us realise that as long as we look after our long-term health a little bit more, we don't have to undergo so much pain and hardship.

Love Conquers All 
Find the right person or people in your life, and you will feel invincible. It's not just about long-term love or marriage, but friendships and those important relationships in your life can make you feel so much better. Being sociable isn't just good for your state of mind, but it makes you healthier. Having the right group of friends can help you to laugh hard and laugh often. But, that being said - it's 100% okay to only want dogs and cats for friends.

Don't Take Life Too Seriously
When we’re younger, we tend to sweat the small stuff. As we get older it becomes one of those wonderful lessons to look back on, because it’s really not so important. But if we can take any lesson away from our grandparents, it’s that we shouldn't take life so seriously. We have an abundance of stress in our lives and if we start to worry about every little thing, this certainly comes to bite us in the proverbial rear later on in life. Much like you need to laugh hard and often, the more you shake off the trivial things, the happier you will be, and therefore you won't feel so weighed down by life. 

For some of us, it can take our entire life to learn this. But the next time your grandparents have some advice for you, do us a favour, and listen to it, after all - You will miss their pearls of wisdom when they are gone.


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