18 May 2016

Lush Sheffield; Ethics Blogger Event

Recently, i was lucky enough to get an invite to the Lush Ethics blogger event. Being a recent (i know, this is blasphemous) convert to Lush i'm always super excited to see what new products they have coming out and i love finding out about the stories behind them. So, the ethics event was perfect as it was all about finding out about fighting animal testing, their naked and self preserving range and some exciting new fathers day products (which i know for a fact Owain would use if i bought them so watch this space!). 

When we arrived we were greeted very warmly (as always) and were advised about the different things which were on offer for us that evening. Me and a few fellow bloggers - and down right amazing people - headed over to Fi at the cosmetics stand and were introduced to their amazing range of perfume. Apparently, after a few questions and some good sniffing of a few perfumes, i was told i should be wearing Lust. Such a lovely smelling perfume! Afterwards we had a go at picking out the 3 colours which we were most attracted too. Underneath the colours were describing words - I got Success, Confidence and Glamourous. Whats amazing about Lush is that they don't test on animals and they even offer a Lush prize of £250k to anti animal testing innovations! Talk about caring!

Then food called. Lush had stocked up on some fabulous vegan treats for us including Humpit, The Very Friendly Cupcake Company, Moon Unit Tea Emporium and Fermental and oh my god were the good! I am very fond of hummus and i think a visit to the Humpit is on the cards VERY SOON....

After this we headed over to Sye and the fabulous bath bomb making station to make a butter ball. I did this at the last event too so i like to consider myself as an expert now. All of Lush's products are made fresh and hand made everyday. They even put a sticker on everything to tell you when to use it by and who made it and when they made it! 

The lovely Gabi gave us loads of information about the new Naked range where the packaging has completely gone and while they're the same great products, they are also better for the environment. I've come to realise everything Lush is better when it's brightly sitting there on the side of your bath. Not so good when your boyfriend uses them! The range is also self preserving which means it will last longer and won't harvest bacteria (ewwww). 

I wasn't lucky enough to make my way to the fathers day range (because i spent too much time eating and taking photos, go figure) but from what i've seen online, it's pretty great! Some amazing bath products and as always, some amazing gift boxes packed with products at super affordable prices! If you want to have a browse, look here or pop in store! 

Last but not least before we headed out the door we were able to choose 4 items from the Naked range and Samm wrapped them in an amazing knot wrap which we could carry home. Before picking our items Samm asked us what our hair and skin were like so she could recommend products for us! I left with some Fresh Farmacy facial cleanser, a Jason and the argan oil shampoo bar, the Each Peach body massage bar and Rough with the Smooth skin scrub! Pretty amazing if you ask me, i smell like a walking Lush advert. 

So not only are Lush products amazingly priced with the best smells and colours in the world but they have pretty great ethical standards. 

I think i'm a Lush addict. 


15 May 2016

L'Oreal Infallible Make Up Fixing Spray

Loreal Infallible Fixing Mist Makeup Beauty Product

I have very oily skin, especially in the summer time when it gets hot and sticky. This means more often than not, my make up will slide off my face and leave me with a shiny mess of a t-zone. I have tried everything to combat my oily skin, from mattifying products to trying to give my skin more moisture in the hope my skin won't keep over producing oil.  Sometimes things work but i still often find by the end of the day my make up has slid off. Cue L'oreal's Infallible fixing mist....

I decided to give this a try when i came across it in Boots, it was between this and the Make up Revolution spray and seeing as though i had not yet bought any Make up Revolution products, i went with the brand i knew from previous experience. It's also oil free so a bonus for those who are wanting to help kerb the oil production throughout the day.

The directions are easy; apply make up and then shake bottle well and spray onto face. Simple right? 

I tend to apply this after my foundation and eyebrow routine, to set it in place before moving on to mascara, blush and powder. Doing it this way i find the powder doesn't go cakey and my mascara doesn't get too wet but it just fixes my foundation into place. It dries relatively quickly but i'm always rushing to get ready in the mornings so i tend to waft my face with something for a couple of minutes afterwards to dry it that little bit quicker.

It doesn't dry sticky so you can apply powder or cream products to the skin afterwards. It always doesn't crack or go flaky when you move your face which is always a bonus. Using this as part of my daily routine i've found my make up lasts a lot longer and i'm really pleased with how my skin looks by the end of the day. Much less oil coming through on my face during the course of the day! I've also found that it doesn't set into my pores and it's super easy to remove with some simple make up remover at the end of the day! You can also apply this during the day to keep your make up set all day for that extra little bit of hold in case you're planning on wearing your make up well into the evening! Perfect.

Overall, i'm very impressed with this fixing spray. It's currently £7.99 in Boots & Superdrug and a lot of the time they have offers on so you can usually pick it up as part of a 3 for 2 or something along those lines!

Do you have a favourite make up fixing spray?


11 May 2016

Scunthorpe United Annual Flag Day!

If you don't already know, i'm from Scunthorpe. A little town in North Lincolnshire and although it's not the best place in the world, it's still home. Although i might not shout about it very often, i still do and always will support Scunthorpe United. I might not be able to get to the matches i will always always always follow the games on social media and in the news. Even if we don't make the playoffs or we aren't doing as well as we'd hoped, you won't see me turning my back. 

So it seems only fitting that when i was invited by a friend for the past couple of years to attend Flag Day back home i jumped at the chance. The event was held at Cafe Indiependent (where the majority of the staff are volunteers and absolutely amazing people) again for the second year running and was sold out! With the ticket came a free drink and a free portion of pie and peas! 

scunthorpe united flag day

Although i haven't tried the food yet (there's always next year right?) there was a selection of ales and beers to try but i accidentally ended up with an ale which smelt like feet so i wasn't able to finish that - it was just a little bit too much. I then discovered they were also selling Old Mout Cider in some great flavours so i got a little tipsy on that instead. 

Raffle tickets were sold for some great prizes including football shirts and the money raised (over £500) went to support Macmillan Cancer Support and from reading their Facebook page, a further £100 was raised from an auction of some donated football boots went to the Save our Steel fund. Live music from local bands played into the evening and everyone danced and was very very merry (me included) and the night went from there.

scunthorpe united flag day

Flag Day is one of my favourite days of the year as it's such a good evening/night out with friends and money is raised for such good causes. I look forward to it for ages so here's hoping i'm invited next year (hint hint people - i might even try the pie and peas...). 

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