20 September 2016

Betty's Tea Room - York

Now, please hate me if i'm the only one but i was never very up to speed with the hype that was Betty's Tea Room until I was lucky enough to visit on a recent trip to York for a good friends hen do. Kudos to the ladies who planned that trip as Betty's was the perfect way to spend a hungover Sunday morning, having a chit chat and catching up with the previous night's events before we headed back. 

In typical blogger style, I took a SHED LOAD of photos but half of them were rubbish because i was too busy concentrating on how much i wanted to eat it all to take lots of decent photos, so here are a collection of the good ones ;)

When we arrived we were shown to our table upstairs in the very fancy dining area. Once we were settled we chose our partners to share the afternoon tea with and picked a loose leaf tea to go with it. I chose Betty's Afternoon Tea mix as i figured this was the only way to go at afternoon tea! Then it was time for the food! After a starter of Prawn Cocktail and Smoked Salmon a stand was brought which was filled with amazing food. Sandwiches including Coronation chicken, Egg Mayonnaise and Yorkshire Ham & Tomato Puree were on the menu as well as scones & cream followed by a selection of desserts! I was in heaven! 

The waiter explained the starters to us as he brought them out and went through all the food on the stand. If you had any allergies, were vegetarian/vegan or didn't like any of the food they would bring you a replacement too. We were very well looked after! 

Although slightly on the expensive side at around £33 each even if you're sharing, i'd say it was worth every penny if you're looking for a treat! We also got to take a small tin of Betty's Afternoon loose leaf tea home with us each so i was a very happy Bev! 

I definitely think i will be returning, maybe this time for the Champagne Afternoon Tea!



17 September 2016

A New Lush Find - Ultrabland

I'm relatively new to Lush's skincare range. I was always an avid bath bomb and bubble bar fan and recently became a fresh face mask fanatic when i attended my first Lush event but was never up to speed with their alternative skincare products. I often saw other bloggers and friends raving about their cleansers and decided i'd pick myself up a little treat in the form of Ultrabland. 

Ultrabland is an oil based cream cleanser for your face. It contains almond oil, rose water, beeswax and honey. It soothes, hydrates and the honey gives it moisturising and antiseptic properties as well. To use, you take a small amount on your fingers and massage into skin and it melts away make up. I usually run a flannel or muslin cloth under warm water to remove it. 

I was sceptical at first as i had never used an oil based cleanser before and my skin is super oily, reading the reviews on the Lush website, a lot of people said it was very hydrating so possibly not good for those with oily skin but i took the plunge anyway. After all, it is referred to as the Lush founders number one desert island product!

I'll be honest, when i first massaged this cleanser into my face i didn't like the feel of it. It felt strange to be massaging an oily cream into my face and i definitely wasn't used to it. As i started using it more, i became used to the feeling and now it's my ultimate favourite cleanser. 

It removes all of my make up easily without irritating my skin, it hydrates at the same time and leaves my skin feeling so smooth and soft. In terms of how it affects my oily skin, i haven't noticed any change in either more or less oil so i'm happy for that. Safe to say I am not looking back! 


11 September 2016

My New Piercing!

If you haven't already seen my new profile pictures on social media, then let me fill you in on something that happened recently....

I got my nose pierced!

I've been wanting to do this for years and never quite plucked up the courage to go and get it done so i kept putting it off. Cue one Hen weekend later and i'd finally plucked up the courage to have it done along with a group of boss ladies that i know but... all of the piercings studios we found, the piercer was on holiday. Go figure eh?

Fast forward a few weeks later and i had a day off work and the thought entered my brain again. I looked up where i could get it done in Sheffield and landed on Blue Banana's website which a friend had mentioned previously. As it was only a 10 minute journey away, i was slowly getting restless when a friend messaged me and told me she would come with me - and then i was off. On my way to have a needle shoved through my nose. 

I arrived a Blue Banana and told them what i was looking for, I'd signed up to the website so i got £10 off my first piercing which was a god send! I had a quick chat with one of the girls about using a gun or a needle and decided on a needle. Apparently it causes less of a shock to the skin than a gun does and i could choose a larger piece of jewellery to start with. I went for a black bar with a black stud on the top. 

I filled out a form and signed my life away and was told to wait in the waiting area. Cue sweaty palms and shakey hands, this was real and i was definitely about to do this. 

I was called in and the woman opened all the equipment in front of me, all fresh and clean as i sat on the chair like i was in a doctors surgery. Next she clamped my nose and then told me i would feel a sharp pinch. I closed my eyes, felt a sharp pinch and then waited for more pain but there was nothing. I opened my eyes and i had a lovely clear plastic tube sticking out of my nose. She then pushed the tube out and the stud through the pierced skin. That was it, done and dusted. 

The only thing i felt was a sharp pinch and the most painful part was putting the stud on the end as i have a tiny nose and it was very fiddly! I left about 5 mins later with some salt and tea tree oil for cleaning it and a new piercing. 

The swelling has gone down since i had it done around 2 weeks ago and it doesn't hurt anymore! I'm currently on the lookout for a new bar to put in it! 

I am in love with it and feel sassy as hell every day now!

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