24 July 2016

Sunday Reading #1

Last week i decided that i would start reading again for pleasure. Ever since starting my Open University course everything i've read has been educational or for study reasons. I used to love reading and there's so many books that have been on my list to read for so long and i never got round to it. I've decided now that every Sunday i will pick up a book and read so at least for one day a week, i'm doing something that i enjoy again. 

Last week i read "Just The Way You Are" by Lynsey James. A cute romance story where Ava, the main character has been receiving love letters from a strange while at university and suddenly before they decided to meet, they stopped. Fast forward 6 years later and they've started again and Ava is determined this time to find out who this mysterious writer is. 

I read this book in a day because i made a guess as to who the mysterious writer was a couple of chapters in and needed to see if i was correct. Turns out i was. I'm not going to ruin it for you but it was very obvious from the get go. I can't decide if the premise of the book was to make you curious about who the writer is or the relationship between Ava and the writer when she finds out. 

All in all, it was an interesting book. Good enough to keep me interested enough to read it all in one sitting. There were even moments where i laughed out loud or compared certain situations to my own life - which is always a bonus for me in a book because i feel more connected to the story but it wasn't really a memorable book. Mostly filled with cliches about love and friendships and a little predictable at times. 

This week i'm starting "Behind Closed Doors" by B A Paris. 

Have you read Just The Way You Are? What did you think?


20 July 2016

Victoria's Secret Body Spray

Victorias Secret Pure Seduction Body Spray

Here's a confession; I've never bought anything from Victoria's Secret. I'm not sure why, i'm guessing it just didn't appeal to me and to be honest coming from Scunthorpe there wasn't a whole lot of this on the high street. Fast forward a few years and living in Sheffield they opened up a store in Meadowhall. I wasn't immediately curious because the shop is a whole load of pink and a big wave of smell (i also don't think they do anything in my size, pfft) but recently i've been lusting after the body spray they sell. A few friends of mine have purchased some and every time i smell it, i fall in love. The scent was always so powerful and fruity and seemed to linger forever. Exactly what you want in a body spray because who wants the smell to fade after 5 minutes?

A successful  shopping trip to Meadowhall on a Saturday with one of my best ones lead us to Victoria's Secret because i was determined to pick up at least one body spray. The place was filled with children which unnerved us a little but we headed straight for the body spray section. It was 2 for £18 which considering on the website it's 1 for around £16, is pretty good. After smelling each one they have to offer several times i settled on Pure Seduction & Mango Temptation.

Victorias Secret Pure Seduction Body Spray

Pure Seduction is a Red Plum and Freesia fragrance which is seriously beautiful. It smells super sweet and fruity but not too overpowering. It reminds me of something you would wear in the evenings during summer watching the sunset. It's a very fresh but also bold fragrance and i often find myself reaching for it in the mornings over my other body sprays.

Victorias Secret Mango Temptation Body Spray

Mango Temptation is an amazingly tropical smelling spray. It made me feel so fresh and summery. This spray is infused with Mango Nectar and Hibiscus. It's a fruity scent like Pure Seduction but as this one is Mango based, i feel like i should be sipping a cocktail on a beach somewhere sunny whenever i wear it. 

As these are fragranced body sprays, i usually find myself reaching for them a few times a day because the smell doesn't stick around as long as a perfume would as it's not as concentrated. I don't mind a little top up now and then as i've been using them both for the last couple of weeks and have only used a tiny amount from the bottle. They last for ages! 

I definitely think i'll be heading back to try some more of their fragrances when i finish these! I can't wait to find a new smell already! 

Have you tried any of these sprays?



17 July 2016

Primark PS Pro - Premium False Nails

Ever since i was younger i bit my nails. So badly that i almost always had no nail left to bite and it became a little painful. Then one day i stopped. I can't remember how or why but for some reason i just found biting my nails a disgusting habit and so they grew. Sometimes they grow so much i can't be bothered to cut them and they accidentally snap off if i'm too rough with things.

I always tend to paint my nails myself as i generally don't have the time to visit a nail salon to get them done professionally. As my job requires me to type on a keyboard all day, my polish tends to chip. So while out shopping with my friend the other week we both picked up some of Primark's Premium false nails. We both went for the Eclipse ones with a gold edge. Fancy Fancy.

Now, i haven't used fake glue on nails in FOREVER but i was genuinely excited to see how these faired up. They cost £2 which for false nails seems a little cheap and it left me wondering whether the glue would be strong enough and whether they would look good and not like i'd just stuck some plastic on the ends of my fingers.

They were easy to apply however, as with all nail glue uses i got myself stuck to stuff a few times because i was trying to watch the Formula 1 race while doing so. The glue dried really quickly and i didn't need to re apply any a second time. Always a bonus.

A few hours use;

After a few hours of being busy putting washing in and tidying up the flat none of them fell off. They didn't feel like false nails usually do - in the sense that they get in the way of simple tasks such as going to the toilet and undoing buttons in a hurry. To be honest, i haven't really noticed that i'm wearing false nails and i'm really surprised how well they are lasting a few hours in for the price!

A few days use;

I must admit a couple of them pinged off but it took a lot. I had to really catch them on something and put quite a bit of pressure on the nail for it to come loose. I always managed to find where it fell and i carried the glue around with me so i could easily pop it back on. Best thing was after putting the nail back on, it didn't come off again for a few days. The design hasn't chipped off and they still look brand new - apart from where i squirted glue all over one of them....

After i applied them all for the first time, it looked weird. It did look and feel like i had false nails on but after i got used to them, that feeling went away. As they are quite short false nails, it's not difficult to do everyday tasks in them. I even baked today and it wasn't a disaster (with the nails i mean, we'll talk about the food some other time). Now that i've had them on a while, they don't look like false nails to me and no one has asked me about them being fake either!

I've had them on for over a week now and although some of them keep popping off, they've lasted pretty well. My nails underneath are not brittle or damaged from the glue which is always a bonus. I think i'll be purchasing some more of these! 


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